Muslim Leadership is Saleable Commodities in India

By Yugal Yadav

This is with reference to Muslims not Satisfied with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's Performance.

Not to talk of Bihar, throughout India, in respective states since Independent, Muslims have been cheated, deceived, fooled, discriminated, Suppressed and systematically eliminated
from joining the main stream.

Mr. Nitish Kumar is not doing anything new. What Mr. Lalu Yadav did in the name of M-Y Unity and Mulayam Singh in U.P., and Congress Govt. at centre and in respective states
whenever and wherever it is ruling. The way Congress Govt. gave 15 points and 5 points programmes, Sachar Comm. Reports Rangnath Mishra Comm. Reports, and various other Comms. constituted to ameliorate the pethetic condition of Muslims. Nitish Kumar 10 points programme is part of the same game, wherein Muslims have pinned up hope wrongly. Mr. Anis Ur Rahman Qasami of Imarat sharia (Bhihar, Jharkhand & Orissa) has
rightly questioned him.

I must, however, mention here, as I think, it is most appropriate to questions the Leaders of Dalit and OBC Muslims especially Mr. Ali Anwar, Dr. Ajaj Ali and Shabbir Ahmed, They all belong to Bihar and risen and went to R. sabha as Sole Champion of Dalit, OBC Muslim cause . All these leaders talk of the same issues, problems and raise more or less the same plight of the Dalit ,OBC Muslims. It is total and altogether different that they are at the
loggerheads for political rasons. In general, Muslims must realize that almost all political parties have some agenda, some programmes, schemes for the betterment of muslim masses. But do they are really suicere. Mr. Abu Qaiser has appreciated Mr. Nitish Kumar on two counts i e. giving of pension to Bhagalpur riot's victim and improvement of Muslim women, by virtue of giving ticket in local bodies. These kind of Service to Muslim community are just lip-services and Peanut in comparison to the Muslims colossal problem, which has acquire various Shapes and dimensions apart from economic and educational . For all that Muslim Leadership is responsible because they are not forthright and straight to solve the
Muslim problem.

There plethora of Dalit and OBC Muslims Org./Front/ Association/Morcha formed by by different Dalit/OBC Muslim Community, like Momin Confrence, Pasmanda Mahaz, Saify Association, Rayeen Association, gamialul Quraish and various other such Org/Outfits headed by community leaders. But these all Org., Associations, Morchas &
Fronts have been used by these leader to gain personal Political mileage, plump posts etc. promote their interest and business etc. If not so, what is their contribution and what can be reason for such pathetic condition of the Muslim community .

Perhaps, Muslim Dalit, in General, is not aware that any movement or Tahreek which is being used to gain power, as happened in past with all Muslims movement will die sooner or later, and for all that saleable character of leaders are responsible (they run after power)

In ultimate analysis Muslim Masses must performed duty as watch-dog whether Muslims leader are the leader of the community or representative of political parties from
which they belong to Dalit and OBC Muslims must design ways and means to assess and evaluate the performance of their leaders as well as Govt., how for Govt. schemes & Programmes have been implemented meant for them. Whether they have been really benefited or these Govt. schemes programme or just slogans in the air. The way, we are talking about economic and educational empowerment, we must talk now about political and social empowerment. All political parties must give due weightage, at the time of election while distributing tickets. Dalit & OBC Muslims must ask for due share and this is only possible through reservation and for that matter, inclusion of Dalit Muslims under article 341 is must on the line of SC/ST.

We have to see whether these leader are really sincere and what they do in and outside. The Parliament especially in Bihar or they have been used by Mr. Nitish Kumar very astutely for his own political gain just to cut the size of Mr. Lalu Yadav. Result will be out in next General Election, so Dalit & OBC Muslims must ask for their share well in time.


  1. Rightly said by writer that Muslim Leadership is a saleable commodities in India.

    Few politicians has used Dalit Muslims movement to fulfill there hidden motive. Community should boycott all such politicians. Few shameless Muslim politicians are even advocating for BJP PM candidate Advani.

    Sahil Alam, Delhi


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