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About IDMV in Dalit Voice Sept.1 Issue

Dalit voice is, as they themselves put it- “The Voice of the Persecuted Nationalities Denied Human Rights”. Dalit voice was the first full-fledged magazine exposing the cast system and the agony faced by dalits due to atrocities carried by Upper cast. 

Functioning since 1981, DV has now completed more than 25 yrs and has become “India's largest circulated journal of the oppressed, fighting against mainstream dailies and periodicals which have totally ignored the plight of the original inhabitants”.

The review of IDMV in this magazine, by V.T. Rajshekar, who has faced the wrath of the ruling class, arrested many times, several jail sentences, passport impounded and subjected to total media boycott, yet has managed to put his views strongly before everyone; has strengthened our focus and determination even more towards the same cause as DV. 

IDMV strives to give a similar platform for all individual concerns regarding dalits rights to combine and become a huge revolution. 

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About IDMV on Arkitect India

A small word of praise and acknowledgement form the most elite and constructive mind, namely Yoginder Sikand of Arkitect India, of the country has really supported and motivated IDMV morally and has been nurturing. 

Arkitect India is a creation of a group of teachers and research scholars from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, who felt the need to use their education for betterment of society. Observing the lack of effective schools in slum areas so close to their own academic institution, the group was motivated to make a small beginning to use their knowledge and skills to provide learning centers for slum children. Yoginder Sikand, a member of the group is a recognized author and has critically examined the cast system in Muslims and the problems thereof in his book “Islam, Caste And Dalit-Muslim Relations In India”.

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About IDMV in Rupee News

”In the arena of human life the honors and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities in action.” –Aristotle

The recent recognition of IDMV too has something to share with the essence of this quote. As IDMV strives for a good cause, look forwards to provide Indian Muslim Dalits there right for recognition and due privileges, it is only a moment for us to rejoice on the recognition of IDMV on a world wide scale through a news site .

As rupee news is a site recording news from all over world and as in their words is “Recording History, Narrating Archives, Strategic Intellibrief Analysis”, IDMV hopes to put forth the condition of Muslim Dalits in a detailed way before a wider section of people. Hope IDMV’s drive of fighting discrimination against Dalits be a success and the less-fortunate Indian Muslims get their denied rights and due respect back in the society.

The full article on 
Rupee News can be read here:


About IDMV in

Recognition is only a motivation for us to work harder for IDMV cause. As Shawn Ashmore puts it “Ultimately, I think it's just going to get you that exposure, get you in that door, get you that recognition that will hopefully get you opportunities.” IDMV too hopes to get recognized so that we can have more opportunities, more help and more power to work for the cause of Dalits. 

The latest review of IDMV in, an online magazine focused on the most interesting people in pop culture, the site covers people making headlines in Entertainment, Current Events, and more, has left us even more optimistic about IDMV’s future contribution towards Dalits and people’s faith on IDMV.

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  1. That's really a great achievement for all of us. It's just a beginning.

    Congratulations !

  2. CONGRATS!!!

    The idea of the blog as I think was really great and a boon to Indian dalit Muslims. It’s review in the magazine shows what the elites like V.T.. Rajshekhar sir, Editor and founder Dalit Voice, thinks about the blog. It’s not daily that we find some one similar to us, with resource equal to us, someone just among us to think entirely so different and revolutionary.

    Indian Dalit Muslims Voice (IDMV) has a potential to come out as a ground-breaking foundation for the normal and ordinary people who know, witness and have gone under the brutality and discrimination the cast system throws at Dalits.

    It’s a milestone achieved for all those who are in some ways directly or indirectly connected to IDMV. Hope this blog achieve its goal and can be the voice of dalits.

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  4. Thanks for your appreciation Heena Kausher Ansari. Insha Allah we will try our best to make this blog capable enough to address every issues related the Indian Dalit Muslims at all fronts...


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