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"….No person who professes a religion different from the Hindu [, the Sikh or the Buddhist] religion shall be deemed to be a member of a Scheduled Caste" says THE CONSTITUTION (SCHEDULED CASTES) ORDER, 1950. It might be so on paper but in reality there are many Muslims who are denied of their fundamental rights under Art 14, Art 15 and Art 25 by not being recognized as Dalits under the constitution inspite of being socially, educationally and politically backward and their state being no better than the Hindu, Sikh or Buddhist dalits.

This very thought triggered my search for a website or a blog exclusively voicing Dalit Muslims right. To my surprise, I didn't passed through a single one. It was shocking that there was not enough information on these victims of complex and patriarchy based Indian Muslim socio-cultural environment. The very realization of this mass ignorance led me to create this blog and shall keep me motivated to update it too till Govt. succeeds in providing the same privileges (in "actual" practice) to Dalit Muslims as to others.

This thinking of mine, has been highly influenced over the time by the type of people I am surrounded by. I was born in a very humble background in Usia (a village in distt. Ghazipur in state of Uttar Pradesh) and was named Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari. Growing up in a respected family, where most of the family members are at responsible posts in Govt. Services and Private Sectors had itself instilled in me the sense of responsibility and commitment at a tender age.

The interest in the working of the system, politics, social and cultural issues, and the sense to use and ask for one's right came along with heredity in me with my grandfather being a freedom fighter. Hard work, patience, persistence and simplicity are what I learnt and observed from my father and Grand Father.

After completing my schooling from my hometown itself, I got admission in Aligarh Muslim University for higher studies. Later I completed my Master in Computer application from Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal in 2006. While in Gwalior and Bhopal, I had the chance to know my Uncle (Abba). I term those nine years as the purification and building days of my character. His calmness never gave a hint to the person before, of the firm police officer side of his character. He is not only a dedicated and honest person but also patriotic and passionate about the upliftment of nation's citizens. His principles are rock strong and he is a firm believer of social justice, equality, and democracy. He was my inspiration then and will for sure continue to be ever. The amount of public confidence, which he carried, being a representative of government, is marvelous. He is even concerned about the state of minorities in our nation and had a unique quality of carrying impartial observance of the rule of law with everyone. It was with him that I learnt the lessons of courage, commitment, leadership, teamwork, justice, social responsibility and equality.

Apart from these, for a living I work as a software Engineer (now with an experience of 3 years), currently posted onsite in Saudi Arabia. As far as personal interests are concerned, I have a special love for newspapers, books and thought provoking articles. I can spend hours on T.V. watching news and surfing net on the same


  1. Masha Allah Bhai !

    May Allah reward you for your efforts to bring equality among Muslims.

    ~Sahil Alam
    IBM, Delhi

  2. Great effort to bring out a common platform to voice all Dalits right. Hope the aim behind this is fulfilled. All the best to you and whole of the team.

    Keep the spirit up. May Allah reward you for your endeavor.

    stay blessed.

  3. Dear Shahanshah Bhai,

    Indeed you are doing a great job, I know to fight for the unpreveledged section of the society is very tough. I have seen Sachar Committee Report. It was realy very startling. Among muslims : The downtrodden muslims are out of main streem. They are not properly educated. need to support these section by afluent muslims people. I also request such afluent personalities among muslims to contribute whatever is possible for the betterment of their small brothers.

    Please accept my heartiest wishes for your social movement. Keep it up. we all are with you.

    General Secretary
    Union Bank Backward Classes Employees Welfare Association,UP

  4. Dear Brother Amritanshu,

    I am glad to read your comment and want to thank you for your appreciation. However, I would like you to know that I am not doing anything great for Dalits in actual. This blog is only the final result of my endless search of a common platform to raise our voice strongly and together.

    Hopefully, this blog will come as a strong podium for all of us to discuss issues relating to Dalits/Backwards and help the concerned people responsible for welfare of Dalits/Backwards to remind them of their respective duties. In addition to that this shall be the only place to visit to know all about Dalits, their right, their state and their upliftment.

    Let us all join our hands together to work for the less-fortunate Dalits get their due rights and position back in society.

    Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari

  5. Dear MS bhai:

    I read your blog. More than that, I was very impressed with your profile: educated, young and a progressive Indian. The details of your upbringing and the influence of your uncle and others made me feel proud too that we have families and individuals who have a sense of pride for their country, and community.

    And I know that reservation is a highly emotive issue. Caste-based reservation is a bane for the Indian society. It has done only one thing: divide the society. The fruits of reservations have uplifted only 2 % of the population for which it was meant.

    Thus my feeling is that- very well understanding that reservation arouses passions and divergent issues- if India has to progress, it must go. Reservation should be phased out over a period of several years and replaced by identifying citizens on the basis of economic status.

  6. Dear Dr. Munish Raizada,

    My apologies for replying late as I had hardly access to net forthe last couple of weeks. First of all thanks a lot for visiting and appreciating IDMV.

    I agree with your stand that reservation should be phased out over a period of years and replaced by economic status based upliftment system. That is what the purpose of this site and we too here are advocating in favor of the same cause. Dalit muslims are suffering with the same hardships, same problems and same discrimination as their counterparts, Dalit Hindus/Budhists/Sikhs. But the irony lies in discrimination done to Dalit Muslims by the State itself. Though hailing from the same background and bearing the same social status they are still denied of their fundamental rights and are restricted from enjoying any help bestowed by law and constituency for upbringing of such left out group of people in the race of development. To top all they are treated harshly and looked down by their own brother and sisters (in Islam).

    To add insult to injury, majority of modern, elite and educated Muslims instead of helping and uplifting the community, go on bragging on how making some basic fundamental rights available to Dalits will divide Muslims and how it is not allowed and tolerable in Islam. Helping brothers and sisters is never prohibited rather encouraged in Islam and Muslims in India need to learn that we are not snatching any right from anyone rather we are just making basic fundamental previlages available to them which is granted by the rule of the land itself (though discriminating Dalit Musilms/Cristians). I personally, have got no clue on how the Muslims can be divided by a simple tag and rights of SC if it only helps them coming at par with the current development. They will always remain Muslims, the only benefit will be that that they won’t be looked down due to their low progress and weak economical conditions. This shall empower them.

    I strongly believe that reservation is the only tool that can help Muslims grow in India and escape the planned and systematic marginalization policy of government and Anti-Muslims agencies being practiced from past several years. Even if a small section of Muslims get hold of a minor chance to step up and empower himself, all Muslims should be in support of it. This will, in a longer run benefit all. Opposing it shall simply imply that we are still held by shackles of Casteism and enjoy in maintaining the master slave relationship with our fellow brothers and sisters or we are way too jealous and conservative to let them have a chance to progress.


  7. I came across your current posting "JUSTICE FOR DALIT MUSLIMS" BY NAUSHAD ANSARI at the Sarai list which had a link to your site. I would like to commend you on this good work. I live in Karachi, Pakistan, and edit and publish an Urdu quarterly journal called "aaj". After reading the volume on Caste among Indian Muslims edited by Imtiaz Ahmed, I have become interested in the subject and have been trying to learn about it. I have read Ali Anwer's Musawat ki Jang and am now trying to get Masud Alam Falahi's book.

    I thank you for making such valuable information available through your site. Wish you the best.

    Ajmal Kamal

  8. Thanks for appreciation Ajmal Kamal Sb. The book written by Janab Masood Alam Falahi is indeed a master peace, a weapon and a tight slap on the face of those who practice casteism in Islam.

    It is notable that Pakistan is also not untouched from this communicable disease of casteism. The air of modernization has somehow ironically touched the cord of casteism, visible or invisible though its effect may be, they are dangerous for sure. There is an urgent need to work for so affected and downtrodden people living in Pakistan and facing discrimination from their own brothers and sisters in Islam.

    Kindly read the article below which was published in The Friday Times, Pakistan.


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