How Brahminism thrives


Bangalore: Pig-rearing (Lodha) OBC caste leader Kalyan Singh, who was the BJP Chief Minister of UP when Babri Masjid was demolished (1992), jailed for a day after the demolition and hailed by the Brahminical leaders as the “hero of Ayodhya”, now cries and says “OBCs constitute 50% of the population, yet there is no honour and place for OBC leaders in BJP”. How stupid he must be.

This is the second time he is quitting the Brahmana Jati Party (BJP) after 1999. Brahminism thrives only because of idiotic leaders like him. Bangaru Laxman is another. Is Narendra Modi (Teli) listening?

Supreme Truth: What to do with such Dalit and Backward Caste leaders who sell themselves to Brahmins and then get humiliated, kicked, killed, burnt, raped and their little property destroyed and yet do not realise that Brahminism is their enemy.

Earlier it was the Congress which was the original Brahminical party. BJP was born to it. Even the CPI-CPM are Brahminical parties. The SC/ST/BCs and Muslim/Christian/Sikhs, who form 85% of India’s population, are victims of Brahminism. When will these sections realise this supreme Truth?

Dr. Ambedkar, the Father of India, has said it. And yet like flies they rush to the burning light (Brahminism) and instantly fall dead.


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