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”In the arena of human life the honors and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities in action.” –Aristotle

The recent recognition of IDMV too has something to share with the essence of this quote. As IDMV strives for a good cause, look forwards to provide Indian Muslim Dalits there right for recognition and due privileges, it is only a moment for us to rejoice on the recognition of IDMV on a world wide scale through a news site .

As rupee news is a site recording news from all over world and as in their words is “Recording History, Narrating Archives, Strategic Intellibrief Analysis”, IDMV hopes to put forth the condition of Muslim Dalits in a detailed way before a wider section of people. Hope IDMV’s drive of fighting discrimination against Dalits be a success and the less-fortunate Indian Muslims get their denied rights and due respect back in the society.

The full article on Rupee News can be read here:


  1. That's heartening to see this message posted on few months back.

    Congratulations Whole Team!!!


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