Without a powerful media of our own we can’t fight the Enemy


Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar said: “A movement without a media is like a bird without wings”.

I am sure leaders of this new “Popular Front” movement know this supreme truth. Periyar E.V. Ramaswamy, who is ranked next only to Dr. Ambedkar as a revolutionary of independent India, had established a massive network of media but only in Tamil. Dr. Ambedkar also had a media. He started three Marathi journals but all of them closed one after other. Brahminical forces finished both Periyar and Babasaheb’s movement. Today, we have no socio-cultural movement in India. The only movement that is going strong is the Brahminical counter- revolution. I am saying this with my experience as journalist for 25 years in the Indian Express and later 30 years as Editor of Dalit Voice.


We have a fairly good circulation among Dalits, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs. Our website is watched by over 20,000 people, mostly Brahmins in the West.

Dalit Voice being in English and those knowing English in India are not even 5% and most of them upper caste, our circulation continues to be low, but effective.

Every effort is being made to suppress DV but till now the Brahminical forces have not succeeded.

If today a micro-minority of 15% upper castes are ruling India, it is only because of the power of their media which is controlled by toxic Brahmins. See how the English media blacked out your well-organised all-India conference.

Since the new movement you are launching is led by Muslims of Kerala, I have to tell you something important. I have made a deep study of India’s Muslim problem and I am the author of a dozen best selling books on this subject.


Muslims form about 15 to 20% of the Indian population. They ruled this country for about 800 to 1,000 years. Such a powerful, culturally rich community is today reduced to slavery and called the most dangerous people. Untrustworthy. Terrorists.

On Feb.22, I am inaugurating a big Muslim-Dalit new political party in Howrah dt. near Calcutta. (see p.6)

At least in Kerala, the Muslims are economically well off and also politically strong with your own political party, media, educational institutions, banks etc.

But in Bengal, the Muslims are dirt poor. They are almost 95% converts from Untouchables. Manuwadi marxists broke the backbone of Muslims and Dalits.

All over India, Muslims are under attack. The ruling upper castes have already finished Sikhs and Christians. They have totally enslaved Dalits . BCs and OBCs have been co-opted. The only people left are the Muslims.

Thousands and thousands of Muslims are in jail. Daily Muslims are arrested, dubbed terrorists and put in jail. No tears are shed.


But what is shocking is such an ancient community of Muslims, culturally so rich and endowed with a revolutionary religion, is not able to identify the enemy.

I attended all your different meetings in the last two days. Not one speaker has identified the Enemy who is oppressing you. The Quran has several suras asking you to identify the enemy, fight the enemy and finish the enemy. The Palestinian Muslims have identified the enemy (zionists). Both Dr. Ambedkar and Periyar E.V. Ramaswamy have identified the enemy of SC/ST/OBCs and Muslim/Christian — that is Brahminism.

In Dalit Voice, we have identified the enemy and fighting it daily. How can the Muslims fight the enemy when you have not even identified the enemy? Please answer this question.


Muslims in India say they are oppressed by the Hindus. Is Hindu your enemy? No. SC/ST/BCs are also called Hindu. But we are not your enemy.

The enemy is the 15% Brahminical forces led by 3% Brahmins. Why I took sometime to elaborate this point because I want to impress you that all your efforts including your new movement will fail if you do not identify the enemy.


I have given this warning at all the Muslim meetings I addressed but I am sorry to tell you the Muslim leadership is not interested in identifying and naming the enemy. This is your serious weakness and the enemy knows it. The Quran says you should not be afraid of anybody except the Allah. But in India the Muslims are not afraid of Allah but they are very much afraid of only the Brahmins. This is a very serious flaw on the part of the Muslims. Hundreds of times I have warned Muslims. But they are not understanding.

The Quran also tells you to identify the Mustadafeen and join him in his struggle. In India, Dalits are the Mustadafeen. But you have neither identified your enemy, Brahminism, nor you have identified the oppressed, the Dalits.

This is the root cause of your problem. (cheers)

I am concluding by putting a proposal before you as a media man. It is up to you to accept or reject it. No journal in India has taken up the cause of Muslims as much as Dalit Voice. I led a Dalit delegation to Pakistan last year to inaugurate Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti. Again this year on April 13, I am leading a Dalit delegation to Pakistan.

Iran, Palestine, Pakistan and all revolutionary Muslims have recognised Dalit Voice as the spokesman for the entire Indian oppressed.


We want to set up a “media centre” in Delhi —an alternate media.

The country’s biggest Brahminical daily, Times of India, has announced heavy retrenchment. All Brahminical dailies will one by one will die. Dalit Voice is going stronger.

If Dalits take up your cause, no Brahminical fellow will have the courage to touch you. Muslims will get enormous courage and strength if we take up your struggle. We will fight the enemy on your behalf.

Muslims are mostly converts from SC/ST/BC castes. You are our blood brothers.


You are our elder brothers. But once you got a good religion, Islam, you forgot your younger brothers. And for committing this grave error, Allah is punishing you today.

Let us forget the past and begin a new chapter with the launch of the Popular Front. Dalit Voice “Media Centre” in Delhi will be your spokesman. We need your support.

I want to conclude with a warning:

Right now the Brahminical rulers despite all their powerful hold on the country, are feeling weak, threatened.

This is the reason behind the rise of a more ferocious super RSS, called Abhinav Bharat, headed by Lt. Col. Purohit now in police custody. He and all his associates in jail will be soon released.

There are hundreds and thousands of Purohits in the Army, Air Force, Navy and police. RDX they used to kill Muslims at Malegaon came from the Army.

So be prepared. Their target is the Muslim — not Dalits.


As the situation is going out of control and Brahmins are deeply worried about their future, they have consulted their zionist cousins in Israel which has agreed to support an Army coup in India— then launch a war on Pakistan and clamp a Brahminical dictatorship on India. This is coming.

But I am sorry to note the Muslim leadership is totally ignorant of these developments — lethargic. But the poor Muslim masses are revolutionary. They are wonderful.

Before the enemy strikes, we must strike back. What I mean is by launching our “Media Centre” in Delhi for which we are ready. Muslims have full confidence in us.

Media is the real power. Our 30-year-old experiment has shown how effective we are. We are waiting for your response.

[Keynote address delivered at the Calicut (Kerala) conference to launch a new political party, Popular Front of India.
Prof. P. Koya, Editor, Tejas, Malayalam daily presided. Date Feb.15, 2009.

Subject: Need for alternative media.]



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