2009 election: a pleasant shift from hibernation

By Indian Dalit Muslims Voice (IDMV), 18th May 2009

This election was for sure, a thunder of warning giving way to rain of clarity, passing a sunbeam of reminder and realization to many. Some shocks on BSP’s way happened when BSP supreme Mayawati's social engineering formula, which reaped rich dividends in the assembly polls, failed to click with voters this time around with only a handful of Brahmins, Thakurs and Muslims winning. BSP somehow still managed to win 20 seats out of 80 quite far from there expectation of grabbing at least 40-50 under their rule.

Fresh from the 2007 experiment, BSP had pinned its hopes on bringing into its fold Brahmins and Muslims along with its loyal vote bank among the Dalits.

The party, earlier known for its extreme views on the upper castes, had ironically distributed tickets liberally to Brahmins (20), Thakurs (6) and Muslims (14) in hope of collecting votes of even these castes along with its core vote base to provide a smooth sail for the party nominees. But the success rate this time disappointed the predictions of Pandits of the party which are unlike the assembly polls with only five Brahmins, four Thakurs and four Muslim candidates managing to win.

In the last assembly polls, the BSP chief whole-heartedly gave tickets to some 80 Brahmins of which 42 won their respective seats and the party all determined to return the favour back, allotted them important positions in the government and also in the process to woo them in the party fold organised Brahmin Bhaichara committees.

This is clear indication to Maya that people can’t be made fool for long and Dalits votes should not be taken for granted every time. Maya has to think on her strategy again which needs a thorough introspection in and out.

Maya’s blame game after elections is now on a full swing. Maya is all set and has already started to blame Muslims for not supporting her this time in Lok Sabha election. If only she can answer, why at all Muslims shall support her. But alas! Like hundred others this questions remains in the queue too. May be she was too sure of her wining by giving tickets to few Muslims who are already on fame because of their inactiveness for any constructive community work for Muslims or maybe she thought Muslims can be fooled again and again.

Election result came with a lot of surprises for all the monotony prevailing in the country. The worst struck were Dalits. Dalit Politicians are completely wiped out from the Maharashtra and in other states their condition is hardly any good to mention. Maya made the same mistake which Lalu made in Bihar. RJD’s condition is pathetic which could only manage 4 seats in comparison to 24 seats in last election. Pity on the poorly formed strategies.

Indian voters are up from the long hibernation. They are loud in their demand for development. It’s pretty tough for any Political party to win and woo the voters without any visible and practile work’s credit on their side. The formula of emotional blackmailing and the emotional blackmail, and the tactic of raising religious issues and hurting particular communities’ sentiments, are no more to stay here.


  1. Baba Saheb has warned us before that dalits have two enemies. One is Brahmanism and the other is Capitalism and dalits should never compromise with them. But Mayawati has compromised with both by co-opting Brahmans and Corporate sector.

    The pathetic performance of BSP in this election is the result of ignoring Dalit interests as a whole.

    Mayawati is the only politician who have never condemned on Gujrat Genocide where more than 3000 innocent lives were butchered mercilessly. It simply make her intention doubtful towards Muslims.

    Mayawati should get up before it is too late and she must chalk out a concrete plan for Dalit/Muslims Upliftment.


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