Bhatkal demands CBI enquiry into Naushad’s murder

Bhatkal, 9 May 2009 (Bhatkallys News): Strong accusations were made against the BJP, RSS and State police in the protest meet hosted by Tanzeem. Several thousand people joined together demanding that the CBI take over the investigation of Naushad's murder.

''Naushad was a lawyer who always worked towards imparting justice and helping the Dalit, poor and oppressed people. His death is a loss not only to the Muslim community but a loss to the whole country'' said K.L. Ashok, State secretary - Karnataka Sauharda Vedike.

He also accused the Sangh Parivar and BJP of using the Hindutva agenda to disrupt the peaceful relations shared within the different communities of the region.

D.H. Shabbar, Vice President - Anjuman Hami-E-Muslimeen said, ''Naushad was an aspiring lawyer and his excellent knowledge of judicial practices came across as a ray of hope for those who were devoid of justice. Naushad's death will motivate Bhatkalli youth to take up the profession of law as a career and Anjuman will support their endeavour.''

Akbar Ali, Secretary - JIH Udupi said, ''The CBI enquiry is being demanded as Police officials are under scanner and suspected of foul play. If the Police is not involved then why is there such a big hue and cry about handing over the case to CBI?”

Anwar Sadar, Secretary - KFD, ''Targeting Muslim professionals is a part of the Hindutva conspiracy to weaken the Muslim community. State police is nothing more than a puppet controlled by the BJP and RSS mercenaries.''

Parvez Kasimji, Brother of Late Naushad Kasimji and President - TMC said, ''Naushad's murder can be traced back to two years. Conspirators were planning to kill him since long and they finally succeeded.'']

He added that the Karnataka government needs to hand over the case to the CBI if it needs the support of the local populace.

Bhatkal MLA J.D. Naik added that the investigations carried out in the initial stages were unjust and till date there has been no proper attempt to bring the culprits to book.

“Naushad provided a voice to the oppressed people and his death has silenced the vows of injustice taking place in the state. The people of North Kanara will demand for justice and the BJP government needs to hand over the case to CBI.''

Also present on the dias were Dr. Mehboob Awadh Shareef, Executive member - Popular Front of India, Hassan Bapa Kasimji Naushad's father, S.J. Khalid, General Secretary - Tanzeem, Dr. Badrul Hassan Muallim, President - Tanzeem.

Following the meet, Dr. Badr presented a memorandum to the Assistant commissioner of Police which is intended to reach the government. Javid Batin convened the proceedings of the protest meet which concluded with a vote of thanks by M.J. Abdul Raqeeb. Moulana Niyamatullah Askari started the function with the recitation of a portion of the Holy Quran.


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