Casteism Among Muslims

This page is compiled with a sole motive to expressively list down all the articles exclusively dealing with Dalit/Pasmanda Muslims under a single head. It is being done to help Pasmanda/Dalit writers and their well-wishers to study the subject deeply. This page will be updated periodically.

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1. PIL in Supreme Court for Dalit Muslims : By AMKS

2. Can there be a category called Dalit Muslims? : By Prof. Imtiaz Ahmed

3. Islam does not discriminate but Muslims do : By Shameem Ansari

4. Caste and Social Hierarchy Among Indian Muslims: M.A.Falahi (Interview)

5. Caste-based quota to Ajlafs will strengthen Muslim unity : By Naushad Ansari

6. Rethinking Pasmanda Movement : By Khalid Anis Ansari

7. A tale of two mosques : By Khalid Anis Ansari

8. Caste system among South Asian Muslims

9. Pasmanda Movement and the Question of Secularism

10. Social Stratification Among Muslims In India : By Salil Kader

11. Caste cracks in Muslim monolith : By Arun Srivastava

12. Muslim Dalit and OBC Conference: A Report : By Yoginder Sikand

13. The ‘Dalit Muslims’ And The All-India Backward Muslim Morcha : By Yoginder Sikand

14. Give reservation to Dalit Muslims

15. Caste System in India

16. Shame, Not In Doha But In India : By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

17. Islam and the Dalit Quest for Liberation in Contemporary India

18. Ali Anwar's Struggle : By Ali Anwar & Yoginder Sikand

19. Casteism in Pakistan : By Raza Rumi

20. Muslim Leadership is Saleable Commodities in India : By Yugal Yadav

21. Bihar Muslim-Dalit movement dying ? : By Irshadul Haque

22. DALIT, MUSLIMS AND DALIT : By Abdul Hannan


24. The Problem of Caste among Indian Muslims (Book Review) : By Ayub Khan

25. Dalit-Muslim Movement : By Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari

26. Book Review: Hindustan Mein Zaat-Paat aur Musalman : By M.A. DELVI

26. A Paradigm Shift : By Seharworddin Khan

27. Dalits – Hindu or Muslim – are non-existent in Bihar Media: Study (By Pramod Ranjan)

28. Electoral Calculus and Dalit Muslims: Towards Shaping an Agenda : By IDMV

29. IDMV: Aims & Objectives : By Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari


  1. I must thank you for collecting these articles and putting into place. The collection of these articles is a great effort towards creating mass awareness as well as empowering Dalit Muslims. IDMV has truly emerge as a true voice of Dalit Muslims.


  2. BY: M. Kashif yunus

    Good effort BUT in direction of uniting the Ummah not dividing it.

  3. There is no caste called Dalit in Islam

    All are equal..

    who is discriminating his fellow muslim as a dalit on the basis of caste shuld be hanged..

    And if any body want to see the equality among muslims they can come and see in tamilnadu

    here the embraced dalit hindus being married with muslims irrespective of caste and treated as a muslim not as a dalit

    here every body is equal..

    if u are believing islam,u should come out of castism..

    if u are merged with castism.. u are not a muslim..

    so no one can say superior..
    every body is equal

  4. Im a Muslim born in Kerala and brought up in Tamil Nadu. I have never heard a work called Dalit Muslim in my place. First of all there is no caste system in Islam. Here in Kerala and Tamil Nadu every Muslim is equal. If you come to the Masjid early, you will stand right behind the Imam, dosent matter you're black, short, rich, poor etc. etc.

    Poor North India should have some education, and then only this damn thing will come to an end. Please give importance to education. Dont discriminate your self calling as Dalit muslim.

    @Anish Ahamed
    He is right, I have seen muslim guys marrying datilts after they are converted to Islam. And a converted guy is more respected and has been given good support.

    There is always a thing called cleanliness. I have seen a video in youtube about dalit muslims and gosh they say that they do all the dirty jobs. Who asked you to do that???? Come out of that and have some good life. No one is forcing you to do that work. Dont say that we dont have money and all. Atleast you can afford your kids education. So my suggestion or advice is give education to your kids. This will change the situation, Insha Allah.

    May Allah the Almighty guide us all in the right path. Ameen.


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