JD(U) seeks implementation of Sachar report

New Delhi / Press Trust of India

The JD(U) today demanded immediate implementation of the Sachar Committee report and batted for Scheduled Caste status for Dalits among Christian and Muslims.

"It is unfortunate that the recommendations of the Sachar Committee have yet not been implemented. JD(U) demands that these recommendations are immediately implemented. Not only Dalit Muslims but Dalit Christians be also given SC status," the political resolution passed by the national executive of the party, a key ally of NDA, here said.

Bihar CM and senior JD-U leader Nitish Kumar.
Bihar CM and senior JD-U leader Nitish Kumar.

Asked about BJP's opposition to this demand, senior JD(U) leader and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said, "We are a different political party. Their (BJP's) opinion could be different. But we will air our views."

The political resolution of the party while advocating for its twin demands called for "ending the injustice" to these communities.

Party President Sharad Yadav argued that religion can be changed but not the caste and recalled that Janta Dal had got reservations benefits for Dalits among Buddhists during the VP Singh's government in the past.

Demanding an end to the practice of implementation of the central government schemes in states, the party's resolution said, "The money spent in these schemes should be directly provided to the states and they should be allowed to run schemes according to their needs."

The party also alleged that the central government's schemes failed to achieve their targets.

"The Centre should focus on the subjects specified in the union list. I wonder why they are focussing so much on subjects of the state list. This is a temptation which people (the central government) should check," Kumar said.

States should have the freedom to make their own schemes as different states have different requirements, he argued.

Kumar also demanded that the Centre should give subsidy directly to the beneficiaries in cash and there should be proper identification of the target beneficiaries.

He said that instead of giving subsidy on foodgrains to the needy through Public Distribution System, the subsidy money should directly be credited in their account.

The party resolution also reiterated the demand for special state status for Bihar. "Bihar deserves a special package from the Centre under the special state status keeping in mind the level of poverty and status of private investment in the state," the party resolution said.

Alleging that the statistics of poverty are not correct, the party also demanded that it be redefined and new statistics are prepared accepting the ground reality of the country's poor.



  1. Its nice to hear that JD (U) has passed reolution to give SC status to Dalit Muslims and Dalit Christians...

    But only passing the resolution is not going to help anyone.. Its the sincere efforts that required for implementation of these laws...

    I think they should concentrate more on State related work and schemes...They should infact work on the total reservation of Muslims on the pattern of Kerala and Karnataka governemnt...

    They have got good numbers in Bihar Assembly..They should start giving the Rights and Benefits to Muslim Community before it is too late..

    Muslims of Bihar have shown faith in Nitish Kumar instead of his alliance with the BJP which is quite clear by the results of the General Elections of 2009. Now JD (U) and specially Nitish Kumar should come forward and take bold step to implement schemes for upliftment of minorities including the overall reservation in the state and should keep on striving for SC status for Dalit Muslims and Dalit Christians...


  2. Kindly think on the word DALIT. Do u feel that this word is most appropriat? I am not agree with this word. I hate with this word. U please use Mulniwasi word. This is my suggestion.


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