Join Hands for Dalit Muslims Movement

Dear IDMV Members,

I would like to request you all to work on and help me out with the following matters:

1. We are trying to make a complete directory of contacts of those associated with Dalit /OBC Muslims issues for which we are looking for certain contact details as listed below, of Dalit/OBC Muslims writers, NGOs, Social workers working on Dalit cause specially Dalit Muslims :

i) Complete Mailing Address
ii) Telephone / mobile numbers
iii) Fax No.
iv) E-mail ids/ website Address

2) It will be appreciated if you can take effort in providing us with the details about several Books, Magazine and other Literature dealing with Dalit Muslims problems and the contact details of such writers and publications.

The idea is to have a collective source of all sorts of information that pertains to Dalit and poverty struck people with more emphasis on Dalit and Backward section of Muslim society so that the same resources can be circulated among us to share views, ideas, news and other information on a constructive day to day basis.

3) We created this blog to stand as a voice against the atrocities of Upper caste and negligence of government towards the forgotten and secluded part of Muslim society.

Let us profusely and openhandedly contribute to this blog on all the cruelty and extremity carried on Dalit Muslims and the violation of Human rights and fundamental rights and discrimination meted out to poor and Dalit/OBC Muslims.

4) With all respect to everyone’s experience and intelligence, we would like to have your suggestions to evolve a common agenda (manifesto) for forming common policy and strategies for a much needed all round upliftment of Dalit Muslims.

5) Let us join our hands to work and strive for unity among all Dalits irrespective of their religion for a better and a more visible result.

Let us ensure that Dalit/Poverty stricken people of either caste, religion etc. are not exploited/ used and abused by the upper caste especially ruling caste people.

6) Political empowerment for Dalit Muslims/OBC Muslims is need of the hour. And for that to happen we have to ensure their representation in various Commission, Govt. Organization, and Various Muslim Organization.
Secular parties should be approached to give tickets to them so that their voices can be heard on a stronger note in the corridor of power. Emphasis should be given on due representation of Dalit Muslim in all respect and in all walk of life.

7) We have to together work hard and strive persistently for getting reservation for Dalit Muslim/ OBC Muslim separately. The Centre as well as State Govt. should be forced to amend constitution and pass legislation.

A clear and strong stand should be followed on the Reservation issue. Neither we should be confused and misguided nor should others be made to believe the false argument of Unity among Muslim against reservation for Dalits. It should be clear that the foundation of Unity does not exist at all when a major chunk of people suffer from socio-economic, educational and political backwardness. These issues are sensitive and should not be compromised on.

8) Reservation shall not be a long struggle, as it was till now provided all Dalit Muslim/OBC Muslim writers come on common platform accompanied by other Dalit (Hindu/ Buddhist/Christians) writers as all Dalits sail in the same boat of suffering and discrimination. So far the efforts and service of Dalit writers/ OBC writers have been very appreciative but we need to increase the pace.

9) There is an urgent need to form a Body forum to make sure that Dalit muslims/ OBC Muslims’ rights are not violated or ignored either by Society (upper caste) or by Governmental machinery. Dalit Muslim should have a Forum/platform to ventilate their grievance very loudly and effectively.

10) Since we are working for a noble cause which shall continue for ages together to attain completeness, let us also work for communal harmony, terrorism & left-wing extremism and all sort of violence as it’s our nation and us in the end to be affected by these entire disturbances.

11) We have to work hard to force all state Governments and Central Governments for formulating policies concerning Reservation to all Dalits, extended to all Dalits irrespective of their religious obligation. Hence, Dalit Muslim and Dalit Christian are included in the list too.

12) Reminding the State on a consistent basis on all the basic and fundamental rights denied to unfortunate Dalits like:

(1) Education
(2) Health
(3) Employment
(4) Right to live a dignified life.

All the faulty and favored policy for ruling/ upper caste should be disclosed in order to secure Dalis rights. Dalits have been marginalized by systematic discrimination and elimination. A great conspiracy has been done against all Dalit to deny justice to them.

13)We have to ensure happenings of programmes and policy on part of the Central as well as State Govt. for social and economic developments of Dalit Muslim / OBC Muslims. Which include their

(1) Education
(2) Health
(3) Livelihood
(4) Poverty alleviation
(5) Housing and other basic amenities by honestly implementing Govt. policy/ Plan meant for Dalit.

14) We have to really work hard for getting due representation of Dalit Muslim/ OBC Muslim in Police, Para-military force and Armed force and above all administration.

This will be a great help to nation, as this will strengthen our social fabric and as well as will act as an exercise towards building confidence among minorities.

15) We have to strive hard for forcing political parties to make comprehensive plan for implementation of recommendations of Sachar Committee and Shri Rangnath Mishra Commission report without any further delay. As we all know nothing concrete has been done so far by Govt. as far as these two committees reports are concerned.

16) We have to develop certain devices and mechanism to act as Watch-Dog on recruitment for jobs in all sort of organizations and subsequently end discrimination in this matter. Private Companies / Enterprises should be approached to provide due share to backward classes. An eye should also be kept on disbursement of various economic schemes to reach Dalit Muslim which is lacking so far.

17) Certain special plans should be chalked out to end educational backwardness of the Dalit Muslim/ OBC Muslim in particular and minority community in general.

18) There is a need to initiate a drive against all negative ‘ism’. Nepotism is one of the menaces to be fought especially in politics & Govt. job. They have to be fought for the benefit of all. We should device ways and means for this; your valuable suggestions in this regard will be very helpful.

19) We can take up corruption at large, as it is so rampant and pervasive in our society. Opinion is to be mobilized to take black money and money in foreign banks.

20) At present, in this socio-economic & political scenario, we have to inspire and motivate Dalit Muslim to believe that the panacea is hard work and good education. We have to forget and give up crying on our unending limitations like poverty and illiteracy rather we have to grab every possible opportunity or create them, if needed in order to survive in this struggle for a better life. At all cost, we must have access to good education, health and Rozghar. These all might be difficult to achieve given the high price of living and cunning manipulation of the system to favour upper / ruling caste but the faith should always go on.

Last, but not the least, we are grateful to all those who are campaigning for the cause of Dalits and poverty ridden people and especially Dalit Muslims. We appreciate all such individual efforts and look forward to unite them in a single strong collective force.

We are even grateful to Mr. Yoginder Sikand, Mr. V.T. Rajshekhar (Chief Editor) D.V. Banglore, Mr. Khalid Anis Ansari, Mr. Ashok Yadav, Mr. Irshadul Haque, Prof. Imtiaz Ahmad, Mr. Tanvir Salim, Mr. Kasheef (Editor –, Prof. Ram Puniani, Mr. Arun Khote, Mr. Masood Ahmed Falahi, Mr. Altaf Ahmed, Adv. Irfan Engg., Dr. A.A. Enggineer and many-many other who have already contributed generously to this blog and we are very sure this missionary zeal to fight injustice will continue in future, may be with a more strong and fast pace.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari
Indian Dalit Muslims Voice
Jeddah, Saudi


  1. This kind of initiative is the need of hour. I have the contact details of some of Dalit writers and leaders. I will send you soon on your email id.

  2. Breaking the Pariah Syndrome of Indian Muslims:

    "Hope in reality is the worst of evils because it prolongs the torture".

    Dr.BR Ambedkar and Periyar have sacrificed their entire life in their struggle against social discrimination. Today Muslims are being pushed into this hell hole called "untouchables". Well, Indian Muslims must find way to break out of this Pariah syndrome. Let every Muslim think like Ambedkar and Periyar.

    We need 1000 Muslim Periyars and Ambedkars to survive in our own land.

    Jai Hind.

  3. Muslim women when they are in the veil or Burqua,they are mostly despised if they are seemingly poor.
    It so happened to me, while I had to travel to Bangalore from Chennai by Brindavan Express,along with my burqua clad wife,though I had a valid reserved ticket,the seats were occupied by open ticket travelers. When I politely claimed the seats, my request was turned down and was dragged to an altercation. By the time Ticket collector arrived, the train was entering Katpadi Junction. If this is the case with a widely traveled man,what would be the condition of lone woman with Islamic identity. Still the stigma of Upper and Lower caste feeling exist even after 62 years of Independence.


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