IDMV Special Series: Petition lodged in Supreme Court for the inclusion of Dalit Muslims into SC/ST Category

Indian Dalit Muslims’ Voice (IDMV) was formed with the core intention to secure a constitutional amendment for the inclusion of Dalit Muslims in the SC/ST category. Till now we have gained a lot of support and encouragement along our journey to prove, withhold and stand by our principle of ensuring equality and justice for the discriminated section of our society.

We find a great pleasure to inform you all that we are going to start a series of post on petition lodged in Supreme Court by Akhil Maharastra Khatik Samaj for the inclusion of Dalit Muslims into SC/ST category which is denied under the presidential order of 1950. The hearing in Supreme Court is due on 31st July 2009. This petition will be posted in many parts due to the length and depth of the issue, for the convenience of our readers.

Expecting the same response from your side, we hope that the petition gets a positive reply by the court such that it makes a visible and constructing change in the condition of Dalit Muslims suffering from social and state discrimination. We also wish luck to those associated with it and supporting it and hope their hardwork and dedication are justly rewarded.


  1. Ayaz Mansoori, BhopalJune 30, 2009 at 10:39 AM

    Thanks for the initiative to share this vital information with us. Great effort by Khatik Samaj to bring justice to Dalit Muslims. I am sure our voices won't be unheard this time.


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