Liberating from Right to Personal Choice : Niqab

Written By : Heena Kausher Ansari

Pre-Script : The opinion mentioned below are solely mine unless specifically mentioned otherwise. It's clear that I am not happy
and personally i don't have a grudge against Sarkozy or French Govt. till they stay away from veil and a girl's modesty.

The infamous husband of Famous Carla Bruni (of naked pic fame) and France President, Nicolas Sarkozy has recently “liberated” the “oppressed” Muslim women who wear Burqa by their will as a submission to GOD.

He has been quoted saying "The issue of the burqa is not a religious issue, it is a question of freedom and of women's dignity.” Perhaps, donning an overall, willingly, which hides your face, just because you feel you can be closer to God is not at all religious. Perhaps, living such an “uncommon” life where every other person throws you a skeptical look is slavery. Perhaps, something which protects a woman from the evil eyes and rude remarks suppresses her dignity. Perhaps, the French government has gone nuts. Perhaps, no perhaps was needed for the previous sentence.

courtesy : Miss France

France, by chance is a “secular” country. So secular, that it has gone to the extent of “not welcoming” the right to practice religion freely (and harmlessly). Which by chance, happens to be one of the most fundamental rights of humans. Sarkozy decided by his will that it throws women under a life of oppression and refrained himself by conducting a survey on how many women actually do it for other’s will. May be he was too busy to act as a hero of captivated Muslim girls. Honestly speaking, Sarkozy should ban clothes at all and stop making one by one sensationalizing comments.

Interestingly, Sarkozy is no new in the list, once a Bishop of Rochester announced that he doesn’t like niqab because there’s something wrong with it, then Dr. John R. and G. Brown, two Scotsmen said they had an issue with niqab too. The former wears a purple robe and a pointed hat and the latter comes from a country where men wear pleated skirts (no harm meant to the sentiments of people of concerning faith/ country), in words of the most courageous and outspoken Muslim woman of today's world - Yvonne Ridley.

A progressive educated Muslim girl in the veil

Many other critics are of the view that it creates hurdles in communication. In the era of ever expanding global village, where communications are done by emails, mobiles, telephones, letters etc., where radios, i-pods are the necessities of life, it can be only absurd to state the importance of face expression for communication. And if face was all that mattered, why the identity cards were invented, which need to be attested by the signature of the person who is of course not the one in the picture on the card. Infact I agree when Yvonne Ridley says that men, including Sarkozy (:D) should try to stay away from our (girl’s) wardrobes.

For some reason, I can’t understand the nature of the state itself. First they run after the turbans now they run after women to remove their modest dressing. France is a state where wearing revealing clothes, which are supposed to be enjoyed by men more than women is considered freedom. It’s a state where hiding chastity and practicing modesty is viewed as subjection to men.

with hijab w/out hijab
an excellent example

Honestly speaking, I don’t think an attire which keeps away the drooling eyes of men is a subjection to them. The subjection here is dressing to show them what they desire to see. I may sound harsh here, but that’s what the truth is. Sarkozy is right when he says it’s subjection. Yes it is subjection, subjection to the will of God. Not to the will of man. And France needs to understand this.

For the kind information of French Government, niqab is not mandatory in Islam, though it is mandatory to protect one’s modesty and there are some ways described to follow the same. Hijab (head covering) comes under it and niqab doesn’t. It is advised though. So if a Muslim women wears a niqab it means she is trying to be closer to God and avoid men and their unnecessary attraction towards her. It by no chance means that she has been tortured to it.

...and they say they need to free us

French Government must be deaf, dumb and blind not to note that no woman will go for a burqa/niqab/face veil and work, study and move in the same society where half naked girls roam around just because they are under subjection and can’t raise their voice. It must be blessed with the least analytical mind to miss the fact that it is done freely and no true Muslim can or will force it unto women. It must be the most sickular state to avoid interpreting the ayah There is no compulsion in religion... (Qur’an 2:256).

It's our choice, our freedom

French government should stop attacking on the personal freedom of people and should keep itself away from adopting such sterile and unethical measures in false name of “granting freedom”. If it really means to do so it should stop passing measurements on how short a dress of a girl needs to be.

And i wish Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy a speedy recovery (from his redesigning-girl's-closet-and-redefining-right-to-personal-choice syndrome). Get Well Soon Sir.


  1. Hello,
    I am neither of a religion were wearing a niqab is recommended, nor french, nor is this really a very timely comment.

    I am a first generation American.
    I just wanted to tell you this entry was extremely powerful, poignant and heart felt.

    Thank you for writing this in a place that I could stumble upon it and read it. I feel richer for having seen this.

    It is common in America for people to stick their noses in other peoples business to elate or put down religious beliefs, cultural practices and dietary customs.

    I have been studying Asian History (I was looking up Jati and Varnas when I stumble across this blog) and I've had to do some rather amazing writing to even explain to people how the caste system isn't inhuman.

    Not that that's the only thing I've ever had to help see people see in a 'different light'.

    Anyway, this is all horribly off topic. Just thank you for writing this. I hate that Westerners always assume if it's not like the West, it's cruelty or slavery.

    Please, keep up the good fight.
    A random net supporter. :)

  2. you are welcome to share my country but you are NOT welcome to change it, it is YOU the arab islam people that will change there ways to fit france or go back to were your descendants origanated from. france is a christian based and built country no immigrant will be allowed to change that. islam did not have any part on building this great nation islam is NOT part of this country and your ways are NOt tolerated, do not wish to be like the french????? THEN DONT IMMIGRATE TO FRANCE


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