Thoughts for the Young Minds - BY Asif Jalal

“Thoughts for the Young Minds” is an inspirational book for young and growing up Muslim youth who at times are faced with several puzzling questions. Muslim youths get demoralized while thinking about their future while studying in colleges and universities in India. They think and there are people who make them believe that they don’t have any future and that their hard work during college days will not bear fruits. But they are mistaken. Hard work pays in India as much as anywhere else. Asif in his preface says, “I do not claim originality of ideas and the arguments presented here. I just thought to gather the material which is inspiring for the teenagers like you and which may help you anchor your life in pursuit of meaning and career. Like any teen I suffered from many problems and complexes during my student days; the issues ranging from religion to career choice bothered me but really I had no answers to them. I did not know how to deal with them. Nor was anybody around me to guide”. He goes on to say, “I tell you the nature of the issues which afflicted me. People told me that Muslims did not get government jobs. I thought why I should study when I will not get advantage of my hard work. Sometimes I read statement of a political leader in the leading national newspaper that Muslims were anti-national. Then the whole day, with a humiliated spirit I wondered where was India of high ideals and noble endeavours. In the hostel, sometimes, the situation worsened and one group of students shouted at one another, ‘Agents of Pakistan, get lost.’ When I was taking interview for the civil services exam, the World Trade Centre was attacked and the feeling all around was really hostile to the Muslims”.

"The religion as presented by the Muslim religious scholars and practitioners prescribed so many dos and don’t that I wondered where I did stand. They created a guilt feeling in my unconscious mind that I was not an ideal Muslim; and most of the time I discussed and debated the religious issues to find answers instead of concentrating on my studies. The concept of destiny as believed by people imprisoned my spirit and energy. Still I believe it is a poison to the mind of the youths, it shackles and suppresses our genius and creative freedom. When the youths of the country were taking professional qualifications, I was taking simple arts and liberal education and I always remained worried whether I will ever get a job in the market” adds he. He says, “The things I am going to share with you changed me and my course of life. I tell you where I did find them. I came across them in the great books of the world, in the face of frightful circumstance, in the classroom discussions, national dailies, passionate debates on the walls of the red-bricked hostel, and in the empty spaces of my mind”. “These ideas made me burn every moment; they made me negotiate with sufferings, rejection, criticism and hopelessness; they kept me all the time in the state of, what Mohammad Iqbal call, talatum, a state of perpetual restlessness. They made me realize that my spirit is more powerful and more important than the circumstances of my life; if they do not favour me I should fight them; if they are mammoth I should not fear them; even if they are adverse still I can deal with them. They made me see that ‘Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain- and most of the fools do.’ Therefore I should not bother for what the critics say, I should strive, seek, find and not yield. I realized this world is mine, I can change it, I can transform it” adds Asif Jalal. This book is an attempt at sharing those powerful thoughts with you. I believe if I open the following pages of ideas with you, if you too know them, they will carve out of you the finest piece of human being. The goods of this world will be at your feet, you will be a hero.


1. We Can Shape Our Destiny,
2. Prayer Works, Try It
3. Touching The Essence Five Times 07
4. Prophet’s Last Sermon
5. Power of Silence
6. There Is A Way
7. Islamic Philosophy: The Quran
8. Islamic Philosophy: The Mutazilites
9. Islamic Philosophy: Falsafa School
10. Islamic Philosophy: The Asharites
11. Islamic Philosophy: Imam Ghazali STUDY AND GROWTH

12. Write Your Way To Success
13. Method of productive Learning
14. Inside The Examination Hall SEX AND LIFE

15. Is Romantic Love Worth It
16. Don’t Ask Me for That Love Again
17. Indulgence or Restraint

18. The Jewish Tradition
19. The Culture of Poverty
20. Ten Core Muslim Values
21. Why Rationality Ceased To Count
22. For Our Respected Sisters

23. Ten Islamic Principles Of Success
24. Be Creative, Be Extraordinary
25. Lincoln's Letter To His Son's Teacher
26. Catch Those Fleeting Moments
27. The Desire To Excel
28. Sharpen Your Brain Power
29. Fuel Your Muscle with Energy
30. Why You Are Not A Leader?
31. The Joy of Work
32. Escape from Poverty
33. Never Give Up
34. The Secret of Expert Mind
35. The Power of Will
36. Thinking Exercise

37. Growing as a Muslim
38. Living As A Minority
39. Are We Discriminated?

40. APJ Abdul Kalam
41. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

ISBN: 8188869295
Publisher:Global Media Publications
Book Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st
No. of Volumes: 1
Language: English
Physical Description: 6+206 pages
Year of Publication: 2009
(The author Asif Jalal hails from Gaya district in the state of Bihar. He is an IPS officer posted as Superintendent of Police (SP) in Himachal Pradesh. In his previous postings he served as ASP Shimla and SP Lauhal & Spiti. He has received special training in cyber crime. He is a prolific writer and regularly contributes for several newspapers and portals. He recently contributed a chapter in Whispering Deodara: Writings from Shimla Hills (Rupa, 2009)


  1. I am highly impressed with the content of this book. I will buy this book for sure.

    Thanks Asif Jalal Sahib for writing such an inspirational book. Jazak'Allah!

    ~Sahil Alam, Delhi

  2. Hi
    The book can be ordered by logging in publisher Global Media Publications' website by visitng following url

    Publishers can be contacted on the following address
    Global Media Publications
    E-50, Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, Okhla, new Delhi-110025
    Tel: 9212011865

  3. This book seems very thought provoking...I must buy it..thanks for providing the details.

    Riyaz Rain - Ghazipur

  4. Not bad article, but I really miss that you didn't express your opinion, but ok you just have different approach

  5. The book is such a fabulous i would like to coney my best wishes to Janab Asif jalal for writing such kind of
    important book.

    Jawaid Rahmani,New Delhi

  6. i am very impress from our former s.p.Asif Jalal sir for writing such kind inspiring book for youth to get high confidence and to increase and find their capability.I also affect by their speech given in our college at G.D.C.Hamirpur(H.P.)on the occasion of annual function held at Dec.2010.


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