Two reports, this time, are hitting the newspapers and are the subject of discussion among Muslims and other communities.

First thing first, Leberhan commission report that has been submitted to UPA government on 30 June of 2009 is still a core issue among Muslim community who are hoping, a day this report will be tabled in Parliament.

Secondly, the report of Ranganath Misra Commission is also a very important subject for Dalit Muslims and scheduled cast. Muslim MPs are in pressure by their community to use all means to table this report in Parliament without any further delay.

Intellectual body of Muslims and various organisations, from long times, are insisting on central government to implement the recommendations of Sachar commission, which was appointed by UPA government to know the Muslim’s condition in all sectors and was tabled in Parliament on 30 November 2006. Irresoluteness and obscured position of ruling government is enough to know that how much the part of this report will be implemented and how many years it will take.

The people may have forgotten Sri Krishna commission, which was installed to investigate the reason of communal violence in Mumbai in 1992-93 to bring the justice to the victims. Muslims are insisting on Central and Maha governments to implement Sri Krishna commission report and arrest all offenders named in this report, but what happened? Years after years, governments in state and in center came and gone but recommendations of Sri Krishna commission are rotting in government’s office.

After post-Godhra carnage in Gujarat, three commissions were set up. Two commissions were set up by the railway to know how fire caught in coach and third commission was appointed by the Gujarat government to show its sincerity to maintain the law and order in the state after swallowing thousands innocent lives. All three commission’s recommendations were different and rejecting each other’s findings, even some investigated report were totally biased and were in favor of the criminals, so as political parties, whether it is Congress or BJP, refused to accept these reports. Such as these commissions became escape goat of politics without delivering any result. Those arrested in false charges still in jail, those were involved in crime against a particular community are free without any trial. How the coach came in fire is still a myth.

These are the situation of few unforgotten commissions are being discussed in newspapers nowadays. What happened with countless previous commissions nobody knows.

We are viewing for long times a rash of commissions in every state and the leaders of communities are entrapped in political net without any success as the governments want.

This is beyond the imagination that why we are all trapped in the game is being played in the name of minority or cast or creed. Every one is saying that we are entering into 21st century and this time is better than the past. Religion, race or such thinking has lost their meanings in this enlightened era, so why these leaders and organisations are demanding their rights are based on cast, creed or on religious line. Such thoughts not only weak the positions of minority and low cast people but also grant the governments a chance to delay the matter till another term on non issue. Why they don’t want to unfetter the ankles of cast and creed.

When majority and minority, or cast and religion status are unimportant issue for all political parties during election, and when Mr. Rahul Ghandhi not feel any hesitance to sleep in Dailt home seeking their votes, so why just after the election or when deprived community demands their rights and seek equality in all sectors, scheduled cast or minority status appear as an obstacle before them and governments find an easy way to divert their attention to unsolved issues.

Indeed, all layers of society and communities divided and chopped off into religion, cast, creed and into groups to disrupt their unity and dissociate them in order to draw away their attention from the real issues are pushing their generation into dark and causing the reason of suicide, deaths and endless stricken poverty.

Ordinary people, who live in illusions, where no ways but to accept that what is happening with them or with their community, is that they are from lower class or are from minority or are from scheduled cast, hence they are not eligible to receive the rights as majority community is getting, always weeping on their fortune.

Now, Ranganath commission and Liberhan reports are before us. Same mistake is being repeated by Muslim leaders. They are demanding to table these reports in Parliament, after that they will demand the implementation of these reports. Means, years needed in implementing of just only one report, so could be imagined that what will be happened with other reports and how many years and centuries needed to do better the situation of the community are from minority or are from lower or scheduled class.

Appointing commissions are a bid to amusing the community, leaders and people who have extra interest to solve their communities’ issues and want to reduce their problems.

Instead to waste their time and energy in raising the voices and in demanding with governments on some commission’s report, it is better to reject this phenomenon in which every government give a lure in the name of commissions to the community to puzzle them into the issues will not solve in centuries.

This is the responsibility of all minority and scheduled cast leaders to make a platform to stronger their voices and demand with government to thrash the systems which always remind them that they are from minority or from lower class and their position not allow to get more rights or be close their mouths on little facilities are being given them with keeping it in their minds that what they are receiving is enough.



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