Cong gains from Maya's declaration of a Dalit chief

By Abid Suhail, TNN 26 July 2009

By declaring that a Dalit will head the government wherever BSP is returned to power, Mayawati has made the work of the Congress easy as this means that the Muslims and the Brahmins may remain in the party but have no place at the top, argues Saeed Suharwardy in a middle in Rashtriya Sahara (22/7) and adds that the voters of these communities will remember this in the next elections. Extending his argument, the columnist adds that road to Delhi passes through UP, making it imperative for Congress to win back Dalit, Muslim and Brahmin vote bank.

Being a Brahmin, adds Suharwardy, Rita can win back their votes as also of Muslims because of her father's reputation.

The Muslims, following the Kalyan-Mulayam tie-up, had largely shifted their loyalties to BSP but they are not feeling comfortable there and this has made it easy for Congress to win them back.

Meanwhile, Rahul has taken over the job of wooing the Dalits. The Congress, says the middle, has to win UP elections and wait for the retirement of Manmohan Singh for the coronation of Rahul.

The BJP, he adds, has no candidate for the top job and, Mayawati, Mulayam, Lalu and Paswan have missed the bus. But in UP, Congress will do well to align with Mulayam as Mayawati may join hands with BJP which will welcome it with open arms. The same day, Indarmani Raja has in a story in Aag claimed that the emergence of Bahuguna as a mass leader and the way the people came out on the streets in her support is something new in Congress as till now this was restricted for the Nehru-Gandhi family. The development, says the story, has caused hurt-burning in the Congress leaders who could not catch the imagination of the people.



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