Dalits must start competing with non-dalits

By Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate

We must note that Dalits in India started noting that they have been left behind and all this happened because the non-Dalits i.e. the upper classes never allowed them to rise. Dr/ Ambedkar was the first person who started favouring the Dalits, but all his efforts failed because excepting reservations, he could not get a better deal for the Dalits and that had been the reason Dalits are still living in the same conditions which they were suffering during the rule of rajas, maharajas, monarchs and the imperialists and if we have a look on them we find that most of the illiterates, unemployed, poor, houseless, beggars, ill, diseased, weak, living in mud houses, living in huts, living under open skies and discriminated people are from the Dalits and even most of the prostitutes, dancing girls, call girls, raped and utilized women are also from the Dalits. And in spite of all assurances and in spite of all promises and in spite of all efforts on the part of Ambedkar, the conditions of the Dalits could not be corrected and brought at par with the non-dalits. Even Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation could not get time to do something for the Dalits.

We have noted that some of the papers issued by Dalit groups are criticizing the non-dalits, but this movement has also failed because government had been ignoring their call and no remedial measures had been taken and Dalits are still being exploited.

1. They should not be waiting help from the side of government and from the side of the God because all efforts in this field have already failed and the Dalits could not better their lot.

The present generation of Dalits is already suffering and they must suffer more, but they must sacrifice what they have to make it sure that their next generation should not suffer. They must take this task in their own hands and should not depend on government and God because in the past these institution could not help them and the condition of the Dalits had been worsening during all the last centuries and even after independence and after establishment of democracy in India.

The Dalits must note that even their leaders are actually sponsored people from the side of non-dalits and they do not represent the Dalits who are suffering since long. So each individual family must take up the cause of his own children and should not see towards others. This is the only solution and all papers issued from the side of Dalits must circulate this new idea amongst the Dalits and must guide them new directions.

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate,
101-C Vikas Colony, Patiala-Punjab-India-147001


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