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Published in Dalit Voice, July 1-15 2009 Issue

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IDMV’s journey was never easy but thankfully we were never alone. In this mission of ours to help and uplift the deprived section of our Muslim society we have faced a lot of criticism along with uncountable appreciations. Both have worked in favor of us. The former helped us to place our step firmly and towards the right direction and the latter helped us to sustain our spirit and fuel our passion.

One such support is from our and most importantly Dalit Muslims’ well-wisher Mr V.T. Rajshekhar (Chief Editor - Dalit Voice, Bangalore). He has been a constant source of inspiration for IDMV. In the recent publication of his magazine Dalit Voice was an introduction cum review of our blog IDMV and its mission. This recognition, we believe will get us more opportunities to work better and work together. We are thankful to Mr. V.T. Rajshekhar for that.

They say “A right is not to be begged for but to be demanded.” IDMV is constantly striving for it and we hope more people will join us and raise their voices on behalf of the discriminated Dalit Muslims to get them their due share of privilege on their hands.

(Dalit Voice - India’s most widely circulated Dalit journal. Started in 1981, Dalit Voice is a periodical launched by Mr Rajshekhar.)


  1. Congratulations!

    I believe this recognition will bring more values to IDMV.


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