BY ABDUL HANNAN, 26th July 2009

Once again and after Friday attack on a luxury hotel in Indonesia and suspicion involvement of Jemaah El Islamiyah, returned Islamic terrorism again as a topic on the table of discussion. This attack is being seen a part of large conspiracy in building an Islamic Khilafat across the world.

Since 9/11 attack, Islamic terrorism has turned into central issue just after any terror attack whether it occurred in India, or in Pakistan, or in United States or in any place of the world.

From long times, a section of western and pro-American media is giving the lectures to Muslims and to rest of the world that Islamic terror groups if they allowed to work silently, a day they will capture the country and after the world that reason fighting against them or defeating them is only one option before us.

Every terror attack has some reasons but linking it with implementation of Islamic khilafat is a part of propagation, where hundreds of thousands volunteers who have well skills in different language publish and transmit the misinformation to net surfers across the world.

How it possible that periodically taking place terror attacks can help in establishing an Islamic Khilafat? For instance, 9/11 attacks, lunched by Alqaeda as think tank say was a part to establish Islamic government in US. Is Alqaeda succeeded to install Islamic Khilafat in United States?

Terror attack in India, in London, in Saudi Arabia, in Israel, in any rest of the world and recent violence in China not are the proof that soon after the terror attacks in these countries any Islamic government came on light.

Every terror attack has some reasons and these attacks may destroy some building and ruin the hundreds of thousands lives but it unable to capture the countries or districts.

Resisting groups in Palestine are not fighting for an Islamic Khilafat or Islamic government. No evidence of such movements existing there for this purpose. They have no interest in fighting or attacking their neighbors. Occupations, injustice and barbarism are carrying out by Israel with the help of United States and with the assistance of world community, forced them to take weapons in their hands or blown themselves in crowded areas to get back their land and territories from Israel. When they will get their own country these resisting groups automatically wiped out from the map.

Suicide attacks and violence in Iraq are not for an Islamic government. They are fighting to pressurized United States led forces to leave Iraq and end their occupation. Before 2003 there were no such organizations were active. American attack and Abu Ghuraib incident birthed various resisting groups there.

The reason of escalation of terrorism in India is not for Islamic government or for Islamic Khilafat. Kashmir, Asam and the areas where Naxalasits, an Umbrella Hindu terrorist organisations are have strong positions, the reason of fighting is different and every active group presents various logics to justify their illegal actions. Government of India also neither in the position to deny it nor it can say that active terror groups have only one mission to implement Islamic roles in India.

Taliban in 2001 kicked out from Kabul by United States led forces. Having been strong positions in various cities and having been success to lunch various suicide attacks on foreigner troops, Taliban are unable to come out openly. Caves and bills are their shelters. They are on run from one place to another to save their lives from American air strikes. Are they succeeded to establish a parallel government in Afghanistan?

Pakistan Taliban is facing same situation. In past, they were moving freely in Sawat valley and were threatening every day to the government of Pakistan even they were miles away from Islamabad, today they are all slipped from that areas. Many of them killed or arrested. Their intents to capture on Pakistan have gone into vain.

Taliban in Pakistan or in Afghanistan if were powerful as they were presenting by a section of western media, so where they are now? Why they fear to face the challenges.

Indeed, such organizations unable to establish any parallel administration in any country or in any part of the world. All terrorist organizations, their leaders, workers and volunteers can be count on fingers. If we calculate them, they are not exceeded from one lack and if we separate them their numbers are not much from thousands. Is possible for any group to take a control over any country while it has small members who are without forces and tanks? Are they able to face the government’s powers with low range weapons?

What happened with LTTE, just in 25 years its all bastions have fallen into the hand of Sri Lankan forces? Its master mind killed in fighting. Sri Lankan forces took all the areas in its control. The fallout of LTTE is a clear message that before the powers of government any terrorist organisation can’t survive.

Linking terror attacks to Islam or tearing Islamic image by electronic and cyber network is a conspiracy against Islam and against Muslim community to distort their image among other communities in order to alienate them from the society will not help in reducing the violence across the world.



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