KANNAUJ ACTION PLAN: 2009 (Vision 2014)

Akmal Husain
Sr. Scientist (Deputy Director)
Marine Biological Station
Zoological Survey of India
(Ministry of Environment & Forests, G.O.I)
130 Santhome High Road, Chennai 28

Native Residential Address:
Village & Post: Ismailpur (Via Gursahaiganj)
Dist. Kannauj (UP) 209 722

Getting inspired from Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam’s high profile talk on India: vision 2020 (while addressing the Indian Science Congress 2003 at Bangalore), I have pledged to help develop the historically significant place (district Kannauj, rather entire parliamentary constituency) at international level as a model constituency utilizing the modern tools of science & technology and getting reach the fruits of social justice and empowerment to all the deserving & weaker section’s people. Being son of the soil, and having worked for over thirty years in academic and scientific institutions, I have developed the scientific skill & committed concern for my area people to serve them through ongoing government policies, programs and welfare schemes (including the proper infrastructure development measures) so as to reach the people of the area at par to the developed nation. The service of the area & its people will be done in the humanitarian & scientific manner exploring the fullest potential of Science & Technology, I T & the manpower potential through the unique concept of e - governance as a major tool to interact with the larger segment of the populace & redress their individual and collective grievance.

Since the union government (through its various ministry’s ambitious projects & welfare measures) has launched poor & common man agenda with renewed commitment & honest approach, it is our privilege to share the ongoing process of development. A close surveillance has to be done in respect of achievements in infrastructure development in the area. The important services like electricity, education, health care, agriculture & irrigation potential, revenue generation through agriculture produce, tourism potential and self employment generation etc will be monitored closely to fill up the gap. To carry forward such agenda, we are committed on the principle of an important saying: Think Globally Act Locally. Despite being in government service, I shall keep on serving my area people through periodical interactions with district, state as well as Union Govt. officials / machinery through personal contacts and e-mailing through the well developed vast manpower network in the field.

The severe problems like power crisis (in both the rural and town areas) will be our top priority. It will be initiated by introducing the practice of timely serving / replacing the electrical connectors, gadgets, transformers etc as time bound process with regular intervals (through strict monitoring & surveillance). To optimize the agriculture, horticulture and floriculture, dairy and poultry potential of the district / constituency, effective coordination with neighboring academic and R&D institutions like FFDC Kannauj, IIT Kanpur, CSA Agriculture University Kanpur, Directorate of Pulses Research (ICAR), Kanpur, NBRI & CIMAP Lucknow etc will be made to educate and involve farmers practice the inventions and innovations of scientific output for better crop yield and post harvest care. Our efforts will be utilized to improve the traditional perfumery and fragrance industry to developing into modern hi-tech industry to enhance export potential of the fragrance and perfumery products & generate more indigenous employment.

In order to get utilized the waste and barren land, soil testing and other studies will be done with the aim of covering the entire land under agriculture or social forestry within a stipulated period of five years. Along with national and state highways, dense social forestry with special thrust for eco-friendly and fragrance / aesthetic trees will be carried out. Since Indian Railway is the lifeline of the common people, it is imperative to convert the single track BG line to double track BG line from Kanpur Central up to Farrukhabad with increased frequency of both the passenger and mail trains. The aesthetic look and passenger amenities at railway stations and along with rail track needs to be raised up to a greater extent so as to be a heritage.

High quality parameters will be observed in the monitoring of educational and health care institutions through our concerted efforts. Coordination & cooperation of prestigious national institutions will be made to meet such objective. A unique institution namely: Medicinal Plants Promotion Centre (Northern region) will be established at Kannauj with the collaboration of NMPB (AYUSH Ministry of Health) & CIMAP & NBRI Lucknow to make aware to common people about abundance / occurrence of locally available medicinal plants, its conservation, cultivation and utilization in various kinds of ailments as a centre of excellence of northern India. Additional technical institutions like ITI, Polytechnic, farm produce and agriculture management institute (based on post harvest technology) will be established at our innovative approach.

All round efforts will be made to create awareness about its historical signinificance and cultural heritage through DAVP etc. In order to regain the past glory and heritage, efforts will be made to celebrate annually Kannauj festival (inviting Hon’ble Prime Minister) to inaugurate and function from here for a day (as ceremonial honor to the place). The elite personalities from far off places (whose ancestors had migrated from here like Justice Ranga Nath Mishra etc) would be invited to grace the occasion. This will enhance the cultural ties to other parts of the country and abroad. At the same time, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Ministry of Rural Development will be approached to develop the specific infrastructure of the district such that in due course of time the lost glory of the historically famed Kannauj can be regained.

It will be our continuous effort to monitor the proper disbursement of the socially beneficiary schemes like Widow, Old age, Handicapped Pension etc including the PDS benefits especially to the BPL populace in the entire constituency, for which close coordination with District / Sub Division and Block level officials as well as state & central agencies will be made. The areas and the class & group of people so far neglected will be compensated & cared sooner. All round efforts will be made to maintain harmony and goodwill among the people of various sects & community. Through this agenda the residents of our beloved district / constituency will be served with humanitarian zeal in the scientific manner utilizing the fullest potential of Science & Technology through vast but close public network utilizing means & concept of e-governance from Village Panchayat up to PMO level.

Culminating the power of Gyan, Vigyan & Kisan

Akmal Husain (Visionary of Kannauj: 2014) Jai Hind

(Akmal Husain could be reached at email: kannaujactionplan.2009@rediffmail.com)

Courtesy:: Aariz Mohammad


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