BY ABDUL HANNAN, 6th July 2009

Babri Masjid demolition (Mosque) in Ayodhya, India, in 1992 was dolorous event in human history. The matter was not that Babri mosque whether was unconstitutionally built by Baber in 1528 or this place should be returned to Hindus, while the door of dialogue and debate were open to prove the truth, but the intention of agitation which was lunched by Advani from Somnath to assemble a particular community in Ayodhya was well-planned and politically motivated. Religious sentiments as a tool and the protection of Hindu religion as a part of wide spread campaign was used to stoke innocents, uneducated and illiterate common Hindus by doctored and provocative speeches.

In the beginning, the planners were not in full confidence but their spunk and taking a joyful juice was referring towards success which is not only brings Hindus in their lap but also leads every thing to happen accordingly. The scene of 6th December 1992 in Ayodhya, where gathered mob was ready to carry out any thing, later it proved also, surrendered state machineries, paralyzed police and law enforcement agencies by unknown orders and mulled late Narsimha Rao government in center was a clear indication that every thing which was taking place there, had been dreamed it earlier in Somnath 1990.

In this episode, Lalchand Kishenchand Advani, known as Advani, most important figure in Ramjanambhoomi movement, a great thinker of separation of two communities on religious line and a part of dispute which devil will not let them make an end of appeared as a hero and a backer of Hindu religion. RSS got the ways to build its structure among Hindu community, escalated hundreds of thousands of RSS schools where doctored unchecked history to be taught to the innocents, enough to understand that who is the beneficiary of this hatred and harmful Rath Yatra has swallowed dozens lives.

Ramjanambhoomi movement works a lease of life for Hindutva forces. Jan Sangh renamed. Bhartiya Janta Party became the political wing which, in the garb of secular governed in center between 1998 -2004. Various small and large groups established. Their full trained volunteers and experienced activists as viewed in Ayodhya, in Mumbai, in Surat, in Gujarat and in Kandhmal are in countless.

Any development, since the demolition of Babri Mosque not hared. Neither Bhartiya Janta Party fulfilled its promises to build the temple on same place where Babri Mosque was stand, nor Congress expressed its willingness to reconstruct the Mosque where it was before 6th December 1992.

Babri Masjid episode is very clear. No ambiguity and no any obscurity in it, every thing is clear such as mirror. It was not started to build a temple. Planners, heads, leaders and their objectives were open. No doubt in it. Liberhan commission’s sitting to probe Babri Mosque destruction was an effort to divert the attention of nation. Commission, which could submit the report within months, took 17 years in submitting its final report. In these years so many developments recorded. Delays in surrendering the report boosted the perpetrators to carry out other destructive policies across the country and provided them a chance to strength themselves.

Once again question arises that are the perpetrators and the conspirators, who destroyed Indian laws, excited publics to take the laws in their hands and demolished hundreds years old historical mosque which was a symbol of an ancient India, whether will be punished or they will be leaved freely as their new players had been untouched in Mumbai violence, in Gujarat and in other various escalated violence in all over country with the support of state machineries and with the assistance of the police.

It is co-incidence or what you have to say that when Babri Mosque was being razed, Congress was governing in center and after 17 years when Justice Liberhan presents his report to the Prime Minister, the party which is governing in center is also the Congress. So if any body believes that this report will be made publicly or will be tabled in Parliament, or Congress will go ahead with the commitment to implement, it will be nothing but a joke.

Sonia Gandhi, President of Congress, ray of hope for seculars, Mr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, defender of Muslim’s rights, Mr. Mulaym Singh, former chief Minister of Utter Peradesh, Muslim’s first choice and various others political pundits all are mourned and speechless after submitting this report.

Silence in political class over commission’s report is a clear indication of sending it into cold storage. Any government whether it UPA or others are powerlessness to go ahead with it. The only intention behind sitting up the commission is to delay the subject till another incident takes its place and this report is the best instance of it.

There is no way confront of the planners and conspirators whose action caused the separatism in the country and added their names into the list of brokers of laws but to surrender themselves before the court with accepting the supremacy of laws which are above on them and let them it to work from any influence.


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