Maya hits back at Rahul 'the Prince of Congress'

Times of India, July 18, 2009

LUCKNOW: A day after Congress leader Rahul Gandhi dubbed her government as "non-operational", Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati today hit back accusing the UPA government of being responsible for the state's dismal power scenario and released a "white paper" on the issue.

Answering Rahul's dig at installation of statues and memorials by her government, she claimed the money spent for them had not affected development work and the expenditure for these constructions was just a "fraction" of what was spent for Raj Ghat, memorial for Mahatma Gandhi, in Delhi.

On the charge of lack of development specially those leveled by Rahul Gandhi, Mayawati told reporters here that she has asked her officials to send a copy of a booklet containing details of development works undertaken by her government to all Congress MP's and MLA's starting from "the prince of Congress".

"After reading this booklet, Rahul Gandhi, instead of blaming BSP, would start blaming Congress, though in his heart", she said.

The white paper on power titled "Who is responsible for the poor and dismal power situation in Uttar Pradesh" has "stated facts proving how Congress and leaders of other parties were taking recourse in lies to tarnish the image of the state government", Mayawati said.

"The white paper would also prove how the neglect by the previous and present UPA government has led to this acute power problem today," Mayawati said.

"We face the charge that industrial houses do not come to Uttar Pradesh ..who would come when the power situation is so bad?.... but after 2014 when we have enough power industries would come to the state, she said and asked Congress not to take the "help of lies for political purposes as it would not go a long way".

The chief minister claimed her two-year old government has undertaken more development works than those taken up by successive Congress governments in the past 40 years and the booklet has a detailed account of all.

She rejected the allegation that development funds are being diverted for setting up memorials, statues and parks saying no work has been halted because of these constructions.

"Moreover, the spendings on these constructions is just a fraction of the money that has been spent for the memorials on Raj Ghat in Delhi but the hue and cry by Congress in UP over the subject is just reflective of its double standards and anti-dalit mentality", she said.

The BSP president also said it was "continued neglect" of Dalits, OBCs minorities and the poor among the upper castes during the long tenure of Congress governments both at the Centre and the state which forced the formation of BSP in 1984.



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