“Mayawati should be raped.” Says, Rita Bahuguna Joshi

By Anoop Kumar

Does this surprises you? Do you feel offended?

I am not. One reason may be becasue I am a male and perhaps enjoy such sexist languague against any woman but apart from that I am not surprised becasue that is the langauage I have grown up hearing. The tone and tenor is too familiar.

It never surprises me to know that how caste-hindu women participated actively in the lynching, raping, killings of members of Dalit family in Kherlanji, Maharashtra.

It never surprised me about how caste-hindu women, to protect their caste kins-men murderers, gave false testimonies of being dishonoured by Dalit men and thus justified the Dalit massacres in Tsunduru in Andhra pradesh.

I am not surprised because that is what Ritaji has also grown up hearing in her family and around - ” KILL, RAPE , BURN ” ( Exclusively reserved for those Dalits who do not fall to their places).

I am not surprised becasue we get many comments on our blog sharing the same aspiration for Maywatiji and other Dalit icons, who in the true upper caste machoismo give false name and fake email ids.

I only feel pity for UP Congress Chief that she was caught while saying this publically and above all Mayawatiji is the CM right now so she could get Ritaji arrested while fleeing to Delhi by road. Other wise like others she would have maximum raised some smiles/smirk here and there on her comment and would have gone ahead with her party work like her father did.

For readers’ kind information, Rita Ji made this remark slamming Mayawatiji’s decision of sending DGP to investigate the cases of rapes of Dalit women and providing monetary compensation as per the provision of SC/ST Atrocity Act.

Last heard, Rita ji was saying to the media that, “ I regret what I said in a fit of anger. It is being taken out of context. I am myself a woman and I should not have spoken these words … I really apologise”.

Last time I also heard Rahul Gandhi spend a night with a Dalit family to show his friend the real India. This time he need not take that much efforts he could always rely on Ritaji and other party workers to show him and his friends the really ‘real’ India.

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