BY ABDUL HANNAN, 19th July 2009

A huge silence can be seen across India among Muslim community. Rallies, statements, agitations, speeches and demand with governments to do justice with this community and not harass their youths are all have been stopped.

The leaders, who were presenting themselves as Masiha of Muslim community, hoardings, banners and symbols of various mini parties had been seen before the parliamentary election and were confirming their activeness by useless statements and by unimportant press release have disappeared from the scene.

Their assembling in Delhi, in Lucknow, in Hyderabad, in Mumbai and their denouncement of security personnel’s biased work under the label of terrorism, were forcing every body to think that Muslim community have awaken and will change the political scenario of this country, in which the future of various political parties that are using them as a tool in every election will be converted.

Enthusiasm among Muslim community and their activeness on various issues were heading that they will never keep silent until to get their rights. Political parties were issuing the statement in the favor of Muslims and were promising them to will solve all issues related with them if they voted to power.

But what happened just after the election, every where silence is the best instance to know the fact behind these political lectures. Nobody was known that every development is being recorded few months before, is the part of election and every thing will return to its nature after the completion of a democratic journey.

Seems that all Muslim’s problem has been solved, or this community got its rights, or deliberately arrested innocent youths on fake charges have been released, or the culture of discrimination and double standard with them has come on an end, or finally a Muslim political party has lunched which will raise their voices in Parliament.

Therefore, nothing happened such as. The situation is not as it was being imagined. The fact is that the leaders and the parties were come out from their bills looking towards the parliamentary election to take some political advantages by using political means have returned back to their bills unsuccessfully with leaving this community in the adverse situation.

This is not the first time when this communing is facing such as tragic situation. In the modern history of India, every year, this community passes with same situation. Every time and in every election they will be forced by all means to deliver their votes in the packet of political parties. They are not aware or not want to know that what is happening around them. They think that their work has been completed as election results are being announced.

Lack of deceives leadership deeds countless difficulties and pushed it back than other communities in various fields with rewarding others to use it for their political and religious purpose, that reason for long times youth and educated wing of this community is the victim of discrimination and race.

Situation never changes. Arrested innocent youths on various fake charges still in various unknown secret chambers, where all inhuman practices are being applied on them to concede their role. Picking–up youths are still continuing. Justice or proving themselves innocents is very tough job and when a group of layers are boycotting of such persons and those layers who show their willingness to take such cases in their hands are being threatened.

On political level, no any movement noted. Any step neither seen nor raised this issue in Parliament by the new MPs of this community which could be said that in near future, these youths will get justice and innocents will not be harassed on suspicion basis.

Not much reaction by the Muslim community on Gujarat government’s move to make amendment in properties laws in order to make more tough and surly Muslims directly will be affected by such amendments in a state where this community pushed back and is facing the harassment and bigotry by the state machineries, is a question mark.

Silence among Muslim community, seems that their job has been finished by granting the central government to the so-called UPA headed by the Congress which is not deny its role on the condition of Muslims in which they are living now across the country.

Muslims should have to come out from this lazy work. Their job will not finish until receiving all rights given by the laws. How can they busy in their work, leaving the community and their youth’s wing in a corrupt system and in psychological wave, where no any sympathizers? Such phenomenon is not good and likes to dig one’s own grave.



  1. All the Muslims first should gathered on a plate form and second they should make their Muslim community center then give it proper time discuss their issues & resolve them, finally union is strength.


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