Daily life of Gazans who have no ways but to keep their lips closed in world’s largest make shift jail which is blocked from every corner by the Zionist state and where they are forced to live without food, drinking water, medics, electricity and other unavoidable facilities, has become a hell. No words to express their pains, grief and about unexpected humanitarian disastrous are pushing them into well of death.

Regrettable to say that promoter of democracy and freedom across the world, wastrel the resources in issuing the warning to Iran, where recently presidential election held, and renders of billions for war are not only silent on this inhuman crime which is blot on forehead of humanity and an open violation of all regulations of United Nations, but also powering Israel with giving it weapons and by supports through various platforms.

It seems that humanity has reached to its final destination and just remained a temporary work to be finish. How it possible that millions alive people, among of them are children, women, older and patients confront of us and confront of International Media which scream on every short range unharmed Palestinian’s rocket and alerting by every country that a particular city kept under blockade, are being bereaved and Glob is speechless. No move, no rallies, no voices and no movement across the world.

In Gaza, children are weeping, women are howling, men have lost their patience, patients are lying in hospitals in waiting the needed medics to save their lives and families are living in open field. Borders are closed, sky is under supervisions by dangerous jets, bitches are under gun points and on every nock and every corner tanks and armed Zionist soldiers with new and automatic weapons exported from America and gifted by its friends escalated around the world, are ready to kill any one whether he is women or child, for the safety of a state has become a hell for a nation.

Miles away from Gaza, all roads goes to Israel. There, common men are taking wine, dancing, watching televisions, sleeping in AC rooms, and every kind of joy of life can be seen there, on other side, in Gaza common men are dying for starvations and struggling for one piece of bread. Is this humanity? Is this the service of nation? Is this the message of Jesus? This is only a dirty and ugly jock is being played by the innocents of Gazans.

United Nation’s various appeals and Human Rights organisation’s efforts to ease this blocked have failed to deliver any results. European Unions leaders, who have the interest in Iran and their leaders can visit Gaza but unable to pass a strong statement to the government of Israel on its atrocities.

The differences among Palestinian factions are not the reason of this problems facing by the people of Gaza. We are all the part of their crises. In Arab world, a huge silence can be seen; the leaders are busy in conferences, or in unnecessary seminars are free from steady strategy and unable to deliver any pressure on world community to reach a final solution on this issue.
In the first week of June we were lectured from Cairo and we were told that what world community wants with us. Through the lecture of Obama we were reminded that what the Glob is facing by the action of few Muslims while this is totally ignored that which types of disastrous, poverty, starvations are escalating in unwanted war affected country particularly in Gaza, Afghanistan, Iraq and in tribal areas of Pakistan by the action is being carried out, in arrogance of power, led by the United States and by its allies.

Despite all conspiracies against Palestinians, the people of Gaza have to be saluted. In the time of crises they have rely on Allah. They are silent and are happy in that life also. No any news that people are killing each others for money or for bread. No any news of looting or capturing the other’s houses. Every one there is happy and is busy to ease this crisis. Their leaders and every common man there, is not spreading his hand for money or for food, they not need compassion. They want their rights. Rights of freedom, rights of earn. They seek a free country, a free nation and control on all their lands and nothing wrong in it.

When world community concede their demands and when it surrender itself before them remain to be seen, but in real the people of Gaza have to be saluted and congratulated in building of unremarkable history that this is the nation who was seized in 21st century, century of innovations, century of so-called freedoms and century of ostensible democracy.


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