Successful One Year Journey of IDMV

By Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari, IDMV 23rd July 2009

We find great pleasure in informing all our writers, supporters, well wishers and website visitors that IDMV has completed one full successful year of being a bold and demanding voice of Dalit/OBC rights. Due to your immense support, constant contributions and Continuous participation in IDMV’s mission it has been successful in carving niche above all others and emerge as the most true and genuine platform for the Dalit and OBC Muslims.

IDMV was formed on 22nd July 2008 to voice out those silent sufferers who are discriminated by the society and ignored by the constitution itself on the basis of religion. In spite of earning the same less than two meals a day, in spite of living in the same broken home and being regarded as close to untouchables, Muslim Dalits have faced a lot in line with Hindu Dalits but are easily ignored by the constitution when it comes to privileges. They are denied SC status by the biased rule of land.

We at IDMV chose to represent such deprived section of people and demand justice for them. Owing to all of our supporters IDMV has been successful in spreading its mission statement and making people aware of the rights of Dalits and OBC Muslims. This noble effort of IDMV has been recongnised and appreciated by many national and regional magazines and news papers throughout India which includes prominent names such as Islamic Voice, Dalit Voice , Milli Gazette, Sadaye-Ansari, Parivartan Prabhakar, Aadivasi Satta and many more.

The zeal and fire of our mission is fueled by all those who choose to comment on the articles and write-ups published on IDMV which are more than 400 in numbers as on date, making IDMV a great resource for any kind of research on Dalit and OBC Muslims. We are thankful to all our readers for their reactions which has helped us improve better and deliver our message more effectively. It has always been encouraging for us and helped us grow faster.

We are currently covering the Petition lodged in Supreme Court demanding SC status for Dalit Muslims by Akhil Maharastra Khatik Samaj, a step closer to our goal. Its hearing in Supreme Court is due on coming 31st July 2009.This series can be access on our website here. We hope a positive response of the government towards this petition and will like your views as well on the same.

Your support and encouragement has made IDMV journey of one year full of hope and has ensured us that we are not alone in this struggle for justice. We hope that the same support and encouragement will continue to flow from your side in future.


  1. Heartly congratulation to all our team on successful completion of one year, Insha Allah we will win the battle for entire Dalit muslim community in india.

    shamsuddin shaikh
    chairman legal cell ,
    akhil maharashtra muslim kahtik samaj

  2. Congratulations for this wonderful one year completion of IDMV. I am sure day by day IDMV will improve more and produce a quality report on Dalit/OBCs. Thanks all of you for putting extra efforts to make it successful.

  3. Cool to complete one successful Year. Congratulations whole team.

  4. Khalid Anis AnsariJuly 26, 2009 at 6:38 PM

    Heartiest congratulations from my side. You have done a great work for the Pasmanda cause.

    Khalid Anis Ansari

  5. Aftab Alam, AllahabadJuly 27, 2009 at 4:56 PM

    My wishes and support are with IDMV for completing one year of struggle for Pasmanda Muslims.

    The social and Economical structure of India is such that it doesn’t let the poor and forgotten come up; it makes rich richer and poor poorer. Socially it even gets worse when we refuse to advance in our mentality with the technology advancement.

    Aftab Alam

  6. Dear Sir,

    IDMV has been so far the only organization I have seen so strongly advocating Dalit and OBC Muslims’ sufferings. Hardly there has been any revolution on such a platform. Kudos to IDMVs team. It really requires courage and determination of being a strong voice against the bias Presidential Order.

    Abdul Zakir, Mumbai

  7. Congratulations for the successful one year journey. I am a regular reader of your website and will like you to know that I am totally with IDMV on securing a SC status for Dalit Muslims. It has been really a long period since they are being overlooked by government and constitution. At least now they should get their rights back or else it ll be left for never.

    Aamir Naseem, Hydrabad

  8. Hello ,

    It’s nice to see that some one at least has come up with the idea of a website solely for Dalit Muslims and OBC Muslims. Awareness in the educated class about the sufferings of Dalit Muslims was a much needed thing, given that many deny the term “Dalit Muslims” solely on the basis of misinterpretation of some verses.

    It should be understood that social structure of India itself is decided in caste irrespective of religion, and giving Dalits reservation won’t create casteism but will help to upbring a large chunk of society and our Ummah.

    All the best to IDMV in it’s mission.

    Feroze Shah

  9. As pointed earlier, it’s true and really unfortunate that more than 50% of Muslim population is unaware of Dalit muslims and OBC muslims rights. IDMV has come out as a unique tool to fill this gap.

    Congrats on completing one year and best wishes for teh journey ahead.

    Sarfaraz Ansari

  10. Congratulations to whole IDMV team on completing one year. I pray to Allah that he gives us success in fulfilling all our objectives of IDMV.

    I would specially like to congratulate Mr. Shahanshah Ansari for his continuous struggle for making IDMV what it is today. I have seen his dedication and hard work towards IDMV for whole last year. Its really appreciable. He gives utmost attention and importance to each and every story published in IDMV and even on comments which are posted by our learned members.

    All my best wishes for IDMV.

    Aamir Idrisi

  11. Well, if "dalits" are facing discrimination even after becoming Muslims, then it is about time they came back to Hinduism. What is the point of their converting if Islam cannot deliver equality? As it is, Indian Muslims are still ridiculed by Arabs who call them "Hindu Muslims from Hindustan." To make matters worse, Islam also has sect warfare of Shia and Sunnis which is not there in Hinduism. Hindu converts to Islam has it both ways.

    Indian Muslims will also always remain second class citizens in front of Arabs who consider themselves as master race of Islam and use Indian Muslims only for an easy supply of Hyderabadi women into their harems.

    It is urgent that the Indian Muslims are cured of this primitive superstition of Arabs that they call Islam. Nobody got any respect anywhere by rejecting stuff of one's own house and trying to take on the fashions of the neighbour.


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