Media and other effective means, which can be used in building the nation and in strengthening the society, have become a nexus of propagation against powerlessness nations and against the despoiled communities to remind them their helplessness in order to overwhelm the voices surge for the rights and for the justice.

Without any shadow of doubt that past has gone, oppression’s era has ended. Monarchy has reached to its final destination. The people are free, governments are democratic. All rights are in the hand of common men whose last decision decides that which party has ability to lead the nation. TVs can be seen in every home and in every village, whether electricity is available or not. Various organisations and countless NGOs activeness in awaking up the people about rights, education and about the importance of the girls, are bringing the awareness in the society. Free media, increasing the craze of education, new generation’s might to achieve the goal, game, entertainment and the freedom are enough to understand that dark era has completed its last journey and we have entered into enlightened century.

These are very beautiful words and are very clear. But the ground situation, where we live and where we every day meet with new challenges is very different. The situation is not as it was being seen in TVs or broadcasted through media or through newspapers.

Presenting Muslims as extremism or Taliban or terrorists is very common and famous trend in this glob. A small faction, in the modern history of India, always remained active to convince the common men, who have very little understanding capability that Muslims as a nation and their living areas as a heaven is a cause of concerns and a threat to the security of the country. Indian media with fake videos and print media with untrue stories, despite to present the facts to maintain peace in the society with reducing the differences, added the fuel in it.

In India, where Muslims laid down their lives in protecting the nation are the victim of racism. Can martyred Tippu Sultan is being forgotten, who surrendered his sons to British as mortgaging but never agreed to give a piece of this land to East India Company.

Bahadur Shah Zafar, last Mughal Emperor sacrificed their sons but never agreed to give this country to the British Empire very easily. Muslims with others communities fought till the last drop of blood. Abdul Hamid, the hero of 1965 war, preferred to become martyred in protecting the nation than to live. But today this nation, who scarified every beloved thing, leaved their homes, properties, lost their relatives for the country, today their role is under suspicious. The fingers are being pointed towards them by the National Media, by the state and by the security agencies.

In Gujarat, with the help of state machineries, and with the assistance of the police, majority of Muslims killed, looted, torched and leaved them to live in vary destitute condition to away from all basic needs. Is this community, whose predecessors laid down in building the country, has deserve such action and such injustice. Every riot and every incident in which Muslims are the bigger looser, state and central government appointed commissions to enquire the offenders. Government’s institutions and media is the witness that how much appointed commissions’ recommendations are implemented.

Take a look on International Media. Few months before, we viewed that a cartoonist belongs from Denmark made some cartoons on the Prophet Mohammed, in the guise of rights of freedom. Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) not only presented in bad manner but also tried to brainwash the glob that how Muslims are terrorist. In results, Muslims across the world gone on rampage, the elements are not miss any chance to defame Muslim’s image found it a best opportunity to open the series of charges against them, in this incident, Muslims were the victim, because their Prophet was insulted, but they were lectured by the world community and by the so-called politicians and by a section of Media also that they should have to patience and respect the rights of freedom, while the world is unable to present a single instance in which any Muslim globally used the rights of freedom to defame the image of any religious or respected personalities of any community.

Instead to doing justice with Muslims, they presented as extremists and impatience by the International media.

In September 2001, unimagined attack on America shocked the world. Bush administration’s claim over involvement of Osama bin Laden, Mastermind of Alqaeda, never opposed by the Muslims. Across the world, Muslims never went against any step to counter Alqaeda, even a single rally, in the support of Osama Bin Laden neither seen nor hared.

With knowing the fact that terrorist groups not live in civil areas, not make their shelter in open area and not live in the places where they could be easily targeted, B-52- dropped the bombs on civilians, on the places where people were gathered to celebrate the happiness of marriage or on funeral prayers. Hospitals, schools, roads, electricity and telephone towers, water tanks even every civilian places deliberately bombed and ruined. Is there any terrorist killed? Is there any camp ruined?

In counter terror war, 1,331,578 people have been killed in Iraq with claiming that Saddam Hussain has link with Alqaeda and there are weapons of mass destruction, which till to date United States is unable to give any proof of the presence of such weapons there. Previous Bush administration’ acceptance of mistake caused the destruction of Iraq and swallowed the lives of civilians is only a political stunt to make fool the people more. Is United States or world is ready to accept the sorry of Osama Bin Laden if he appears in a video with saying sorry for the 9/11 attacks.

According a report, “to date, the total cost of war that has been allocated by Congress is $830.2 billion, with $657.3 to Iraq and $172.9 to Afghanistan. In addition, on April 9, 2009, the new administration requested, in a final emergency supplemental, an additional $77.1 billion in war spending. Our estimates are that approximately $52.7 billion of that will be for Iraq and the remaining $24.4 billion for Afghanistan”. (
This is the cost of war, there is no details that how much above given amount have been spent for the welfare of the people are forcibly living in tents for this uncalled war.

Now NATO forces, American military leadership and the President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai are warned by the afghan civilians that if mass killing not stopped, they will go with Taliban.
Political class and military leadership of United States until now unable to confirm that remained Alqaeda command, if it believed that majority of leadership have been killed in various US attacks, where is. The objectives of military response on Afghanistan were to capture the leadership of this terrorist organization. After seven years in searching the leadership of said organization, now US military command is insisting that they are hidden in Pakistan. Question arises that if their hide outs are in Pakistan so US led forces what are doing in Afghanistan? Is US government in future will concede that military operation on this country was a mistake as previous Bush administration has concede the mistake in Iraq after the failure to find out the weapons of mass destruction.

Instead of increasing the number of widows, helplessness and tired common people with such slaughters, a single instance cannot be given that people came on road in support of terrorism or terrorists.

It is not mean, that rallies were not organised. Muslims assembled in Delhi, India, in Malaysia, in Pakistan, in America, in Britain, in Jakarta, not for support of Alqaeda, not for support of terrorist, not for support of any terrorist organizations, but they assembled against violence, against monarchy and against the war was lunched by Bush in the name of terrorism, against the killing of civilians and atrocities carrying out by American and by other US allies troops.
After the terrorist attack on Mumbai in 2009, Indian government was advised to attack on terrorist camps in Pakistan, in just only one attack the people of India lost their patience and were ready to lunch attack on Pakistan, so what could be said about the attack of United States on Iraq and in Afghanistan. Is same reaction cannot possible there? Is there people not think that killing and targeting American forces is the last options.

The propaganda is being used as a tool to divert the attention of the common man from extrajudicial killing, harassments, and inhuman behavior with illegal arrested prisoners in unknown sells in Afghanistan, in Israel, in Iraq and in various other unknown countries to defeat the terrorism.

World community should have to change its policy towards Muslims. By military means and by the might of dollars, land, state and country can be captured but heart of common man will remained unoccupied. That reason, it is saying, very openly that America has mired in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

In Mostly Muslim countries anger can be seen against America and its allies, not for that they are American or Muslim or none Muslim factors, but their anger on the series of attacks and on injustice against them by the world community and by the developed nations.

World community should have to concede that their action, whether by propaganda or by military operations are berthing terrorists and fueling anger to take the revenge.

Muslims are not extremism and not terrorists. They presented terrorism. Injustice, destruction, war’s affects, poverty, negligence in government jobs, bigotry and biased reporting by the media, is delivering negative impact on Muslim youths.

Government and world community with conceding the injustice with Muslims should have to use all means for their development. Muslims and Muslim countries, which are away from peace, stability and from steady government, need urgent help. Conspiracies and foreign interfere in internal matter are paralyzing any development in Muslim countries.

The fact is that world is unfair with Muslims, who is the victim of racism and bigotry. Their religion, religious places, religious strata, and themselves as a community is the victim of unfair world. The propaganda is a bid to cover injustice, atrocities and dangerous situation telling the story of unimagined disastrous carrying out by the forces with the help of a small faction of International media.


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