By Abdul Hannan, 1st August 2009

From past few weeks, some taking place incidents and comments passed by the respected forum not only reveal the real picture of society, where seems that justice or saying something about human rights is eyewash but also show that the birth of disunited nations and minority communities are only to live in trauma where governing body in every country has no any interest to return their rights.

Just take a look on some incidents still alive in people minds. Few months before, an application filed by Mohammed Salim, a student of Nirmala Convent Higher Secondary school in Madhya Pradesh in apex court seeking to allow him to continue his education in that school with sporting the bear rejected by the Indian apex court.

Addressing to the joint session of France's two parliamentary houses, Mr. Sarkozy, president of France says burqas "a sign of debasement" that should not be tolerated in French society.

Marwa El-Sherbini, a 32 year old pregnant woman killed in a German court for being veiled.

After interference of Muslim leaders and after holding talk with Mr. A. K. Antony, Defense Minister, Muslims are assured that IAF will not ban on bears

In a latest development, Bollywood star Emran Hashmy claimed that he is denied to purchasing a home in Mumbai for being Muslim.

These are just examples show that which types of discrimination, racism is being faced by the Muslims and how the world powerful leaders are attempting to push them away from all deserving fundamental rights as other communities are enjoying with their basic rights.

A boy can’t be allowed to comes school with sporting the beard, woman can be killed for being veiled, prisoners can be put in jail years without any trail and beaten up for asking the transfer paper or court order just only that they are Muslims, a very concerned matter for all of us. Why such happens with only Muslims.

Post–Godhra pogrom in Gujarat in 2002, where Muslims forcefully separated and displaced from their paternal lands and homes and until now they are fearing to return their homes is becoming a role model for anti-Muslim movements and activists to deny them to purchase home or land or any thing else which strength their economical conditions.

UPA which is near to complete its five years in center never shows any willingness in these years that it is going to take any step to reduce or curb the separatisms is growing fast between two communities in India.

Despite it, that courts are issuing the judgment against Muslims, governments are interfering in Muslims personal laws, Muslim women who believe that covering her body are their human rights, is on target by high profile leaders and entire community is being discouraging by a section of media, are just instance to know that which types of society is being developed against Muslims.

A woman, who was present in court for her rights, is getting killed by the accused in a full court in front of police, lawyers, and Judge. Not a single word said by Human rights and by the western media that what happened with that woman is the criminality and blindly racism against veiled women and government should have to show its activeness for the justice of said woman.

Across the world and in India also, we can find hundreds of thousands people from various religions and creeds, their languages, lifestyle, their social and religious strata are totally different from each others. Take an example of Sikh community, who is in minority not only in India but also across the world. Can any Sikh claimed that he discriminated or kicked out from school, from office or from military for his turban or for his beard, so why only Muslims faces discriminations in every place?

In fact, a section of media and a particular group in every country is wasting its energy in targeting to Muslims to present them as a dangerous and violent loved community.

Burqa, sporting bear or any thing else if any Muslim seek to implement it in their life and want to move as per the direction of their religion, these all things come under the human rights and nobody can be allowed to stop them from their human rights.

It to be noted that Muslim’s demand and their necessary needs always being ignored. The situations of the areas where they live are very bad. Lack of basic facilities can be seen easily everywhere. Poverty, lack of education and none attention by the government run-offices pushed Muslim’s areas into a big disastrous.

Through United Nations, G8 forum or from Sharam El Sheikh, world leaders always ask the people and the factions to respect Human rights and not harm the civilians, women and those who run to take shelter. Billions question is that are these leaders themselves respect the rights of Muslims and are they ready to give them their lands, religious freedom, education, safety and whatever they need to go ahead.

Abdul Hannan, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


  1. Because of rise of TERRORISM Muslims are facing much discrimination in the Markets ,Schools, Colleges, Shops , Public Places and the localities where they are residing in minorities and even in Government Offices and Courts too.On the basis SACHCHAR COMMITTEE's REPORT Muslims of INDIA are living in the worst conditions than Scheduled Caste peoples of INDIA who are getting reservation everywhere for their upliftment by Government of INDIA. When such illiterate , poor Muslims faces discrimination by biased people they move towards Human Rights Commission and Minorities Commission but officials of these commission doesn't work properly. We need at least one practicing Muslim IAS or PCS Officer of Sub Divisional Magistrate RANK in District Head Quarter of each District of INDIA so that s/he can see the matters relating to Muslims (and guide them how to implement government policies at root levels to uplift the conditions of poor Muslims) whether they are governmental , semi governmental , non-governmental or private sector so that no one can decieve poor , illiterate and innocent Muslims.

  2. I agree today muslims are discriminated everywhere in every field.Even in the 21st century we have a very pejorative perception about them such as muslims are dirty. they have 3 wives. All terrorists are muslims and what not which is ludicrious.If we want India to progress we need to resolve our differences.


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