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Mr. Jaswant Singh, former external affairs minister and a senior BJP leader, has strong political career. His mostly life spent in politics. He is a writer also. His experience, knowledge and the capability of understanding of Indian politics makes him very special. I am not wrong to say that he has grown up in political atmosphere and viewed everything very closely. If he says something on Partition of India because of his experience that he got during his career, we have to share about it. Surely he is aware that what he is going to write and what it will leave its impacts on his relation with BJP. This is not his first book and it is not the first time that he is alone in writing anything else on a topic related to partition of India.

BJP has no objection on his book and on what he said about Jinnah. Mr. Advani had also called Jinnah a secular leader during his visit to Pakistan. BJP didn’t expel him from party for his book. He expelled due to the ideological differences. BJP has said that nobody is above on party’s ideology.

There are tow things that what Mr. Jaswant Singh said, and what is the ideology of BJP?

The reaction of BJP was natural and Mr. Singh would expect it. The ideology of BJP is that Muslim is sole responsible on what is happening now and on what had occurred 61 years ago. In this ideological difference, BJP is not alone. Congress and other historians and leaders are included in it.

Before 61 years, India was divided on religious, linguistic and community basis. Mostly Indian people believe that Muslim is responsible behind this partition. Blaming to any one is very sample but to face the truth is very difficult and it can easily understand concerning the partition.

British Empire’s eradication of Muslims during its 200 years occupation on India and Muslim’s fight to kick out this Empire from every part of the country leaved the impacts on Indian Muslims and they pushed back in every corner of life. It is believed or not, but truth is that Muslims scarified everything in protecting the nation. How it is possible that Muslim, who were ruled on India more than seven-hundred years and took part in building the country and never gave a chance to British forces and administration during its occupation on India to establish any bastions in this country, how they were can agree to divide this beloved country.

Ordinary people have very little understanding capability to reach at any conclusive. They believe what they see through media and through films.

Nobody wants to discuss on the points raised by Mr. Singh. Media, which is master in making horror full stories, is silent on this serious subject.

Muslims beheading, their destroyed educational and military forces by British Empire and the failure of Ghadar in 1857 left Muslims a defeated nation which was powerlessness and was not in condition to stand once again to face British Empire and the forces, who were conspirating to divide the country in the garb of ideology. Amid of these situations, India separated and blames came on Muslims. Lack of leadership, conspiracies to alienate them from the ways, where returning to power become a dream, forced them to keep close their mouths and on blames labeled on them after division of India.

Since 1947 till now, Muslims as a community, which is later declared a minority community in independent India, is struggling to establish their identity to prove their patriotic with the country. Despite India has completed its independent 61 years, Muslims still not seen as patriots. Their less representation in all government offices, in forces, in police, in Judiciary and in other educational fields, tells their backwardness story.

Instead to waste precious time in giving the clearance of their none-involvement in this division, Muslims preferred to keep quit on every blames slapped on them to come out as a strong community. Communal violence and denial of justice forced them to receive all pains with patience.

At the time of partition, situations were not in Muslim’s hand and they were not in condition to give any justification of their helplessness in division of the country. Despite of some developments in education and in trading field, Muslim community still fears from the ideology which worked during partition time.

Muslims in India are paying the price of sins, they didn’t it, but they are bearing it on their shoulder. Mr. Singh’s book opened a new chapter and gave a plate form to Muslims and others to participate in it with historical facts. Mr. Singh in this book, discussed with details on Indian Muslims, their culture, their building the nation and their role in establishing it. In this book, Mr. Singh concedes Muslims as a part of the country and he believes that separating of Muslims from Indian society and from Indian culture or from the country, as Sangh is doing for many decades, is not possible. Mr. Singh concedes Muslim’s power and rule in powering the country. This ideology that Muslim is the part and parcel of India is against BJP and Sangh’s ideology in which Muslim community just seen as attackers and foreigners.

The matter is not of BJP or Jinnah or Nehru, or Patel. Before breaking up India, there was an ideology, which was traveling in the minds of leaders, whose hearts were not fair concerning Muslims. They did not want to leave any way to provide a platform to Muslims to return back on their previous positions. The ghost of Hindus and Muslims lunched. Leaders, who were believe on division politics and bigotry ideology added fuel in saying that Hindu is the real citizens of India and Muslims came from abroad.

Mr. Jaswant Singh only wrote a book on partition and tries to draw the attention of publics towards those who are still have the faith on Muslim’s role in division of India. Disassociating itself by BJP from the contents of Mr. Singh’s book is not the correct answer. If BJP feels an insult on what Mr. Jaswant Singh said, it should have to give the answer on his language by history and by historical references, BJP didn’t did it. It expelled him from the party with saying that BJP will not make any agreement on Party’s ideology. Congress and other parties are also feeling better to close their mouths on this issue.

At final, row over “Jinnah-India, partition, independence” is not the correct answer of this book. If BJP and inventers of separatism ideology feel that Mr. Singh is wrong, so they should have to answer of it by historical truth.

Mr. Singh’s effort to expose the truth concerning partition is a right step but such works still need more steps and movements which help to return the rights of Muslims what they deserve as Indian citizen.


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