By Abdul Hannan, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

India is celebrating its 62nd Independence Day. The people of all walks of life are observing it with patriotic enthusiasms. An Independent country and freedom from tyrannical ruler is a biggest award. But this question, repeatedly, strikes my mind that why we got this independence. What’s the meaning of independence? Why it seems that we are still far away from real freedom? Why we feel fear to see back past 62 years, which are full with very drastic, horrific and terror incidents posed by Internal groups to destroy and disunite the communities that never feel any fear in giving the blood for an independent country.

Indeed, we got and learned a lot of things in these 62 years. In education, science, social and in producing new technologies, the march towards development and growth is continue. In defense department and in preparing themselves to protect the nation, Indian forces achieved a big success and strengthened themselves to face challengeable situation at any time.

The net of Metro train in Delhi and in Mumbai, submarines entrance in Navy, the preparation of Delhi to host Common Wealth game in 2010 and economic growth despite its slow down and growing the craze among people in innovation are putting India on a place, where it is becoming a destination of all countries. The president of every country feels himself a lucky to made agreement in every field with India. Now, a nuclear power India and its entering into elite groups forced even United States to concede India a strongest partner in South Asia.

Despite this growth and awareness in various fields, the people of India still stand on crossroads where they began thinking to fight again for second independence. No doubt, that India was declared an Independent country on 15th August 1947 but the people of India until now are searching the ways to get out from the hands that are exploiting the farmers, poor people and dividing the country into religious lines.

In this independent India, dividing line can be seen very easily between poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. The children of poor families are dying with starvation. They are unaware the meaning of education. Studying in schools is such a dream for them. Their life style is worsened than animals. No facilities, no electricity and no clean drinking water in slum areas where they are forced to live. They wake up in morning time to search a peace of bread and return to their broken homes with rotten foods. They born in slums and dye in any hole. Central and state governments don't have any statistics to know that what happens in the slums that are stretched across the country. How they are living and how many died with the lack of medicines and food in these 62 years.

In freedom struggle, every Indian without looking towards religion, cast or creed fought and laid down their life for an independent country. In today's atmosphere every community divided on communal and community basis. A group is insisting on forming the government on communal line and some is insisting on kicking out the people who come from Bihar or from other states to earn the money. A group seeks to eliminate the Muslim community from the country and another group seeks to implement their own laws on the country.

In Utter Pradesh, where the daughter of Dalits is governing not noted much difference in the condition of life of Dalits who are still believed untouched. The door of Temples is still shut down before them in so many districts of India. Creed exploitation, humiliation and kicking out from high profile society are very common. Rape, murder and denying them from their fundamental rights are on rise.

Entire country is into peaces of communities and into religion. Hindus are fear to go into Muslim areas and vice versa. Dalits are untouchable; hence, their percentage in media, in development and in education field is very low. Political parties are divided into seculars and non-seculars and people are divided into Muslims and Hindus, Dalits and Christians.

Every community and every party seeks to implement its own agenda. Country’s vision and country’s development has no more importance before them.

In the garb of Hinduism, Hindutva forces with assistance of BJP, its political ally, want to implement its own agenda on entire nation. For this purpose, they took part openly in anti-national activities. Killed Muslims, demolished Mosques, and putted entire country on the fire to burn. Existing such thinking and such forces from past 62 years, leaded to defame Indian image, destroy the sovereignty of the country and spread anarchy, violence, and barbarism.

Corruption is very common threat in India. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, addressing to the nation from Red Fort on occasion of 62nd independence, vowed to fight against terrorism and separatism, although terrorism and separatism is no more threat. Both are birth from corruptions and sadly that our Prime Minister didn’t say any thing on corruption. We and our forces, security agencies, and intelligence agencies are capable to face any challenges posed by the terrorism. In past Mumbai attack, our determination declared our powers to divert terror threat but what we prepared to fight against corruptions. We are spending all resources on Ajmal Qasab to hang him, but we never looked on internal hidden corrupt politicians, organizations and the groups who are every day and every hour, terminating the people’s assets. The corruption which has permitted in Police force, in security agencies, in education, in judiciary and in every field, putted India on the brink of collapse.

The corruption has turned into a biggest threat to the country than terrorism. Elimination of corruptions is the sign of development, growth and justice across the country.

Entire nation is dancing and is feeling happy in celebrating independence, but this happy and joy is useless for those, who are in their own country are rotting in jails for the reasons of corrupt police department and communal security agencies who slapped on them baseless terror charges.

The meaning of independence is equality, justice, freedom and rights in every field and in every society. Unfortunately, a class of our country is taking a joy full juice of freedom in Hotels, dance bars and in restaurants, on the other side a large section of society is struggling for a peace of bread and lives in darkness. High profile class of the society is receiving every facility provided him by the government, on the other hand, poor are poor. Governments have only promise for them which have given them again at the occasion of 62nd independence.

In an independent India, being Dalit or Minority is the biggest proof of guilty. This is very common and known familiar picture of the society whether they involved in crime or not. Our ancestral didn’t seek and fight that every community and every class of society live and work separately with having fear and bigotry against each others.

At final, Azadai Mubarak to all Indians, who are in abroad and those who are in jails for the crimes they never did it and we have to wait for a day when the people of India will be free from cast, creed and religious humiliation which have become a cancer for the society and for peace.

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