By Abdul Hannan, Jeddah, K. S. A

Jaswant Singh’s new book “Jinnah, India, Independence”, split BJP and caused to begin a new twist in Indian politics.

BJP’s expressing of unhappiness over Jaswant Singh’s remark and seeing it against party’s ideology reveals that BJP is on a crossroad, where rejection the remarks of Jaswant Singh is only one way to save it from a political collapse.

The ideology of BJP, which is a political wing of RSS, is totally based on a thought that when India had divided into parts on religious line and Muslims is sole responsible of this partition, which is rejected by Mr. Jaswant Singh, so why India should not be turned into a Hindutva Rashtra. If BJP accepts what Mr. Jaswant Singh said in his book, is right it would be mean that BJP’s efforts and RSS hard line towards Muslims during past many decades, is only a myth and baseless.

The fact is that BJP is not in condition to surrender itself before Mr. Jasawant Singh. That reason it not only expelled him from the party but also cleared that no way of surrender or any agreement over ideology which powers it to come in front of people with strong and with a positive Hindutva manner.

I am not going to discuss on Mr. Jasawant Singh’s comment concerning partition and calling Jinah a secular leader. What I read and heard through news agencies about this book and Muslim’s role in India, I would like to say something.

It is not noted by any one that Mr. Jaswant Singh described Muslims as attackers in his new book. This is very serious term used by Mr. Singh that put the position of Muslims on doubts and shows them as foreigners, not as Indian citizens. Muslim scholars and others didn’t take any notice against such ideas.

The relation between India and Muslims is very old. In the beginning, Arab Muslims were coming India for business purpose. This trading relation remained continue till long times. With passage of time, the number of Muslim traders increased, but Arab Muslim’s motives were not to capture of any part of India.

The intention of first Arab military response under the command of18th year old General Mohammed Bin Qasim was not to destroy Indian heritage or to establish any Islamic or Muslim military base in India but the motives of attack was to provide a safe way to Arab traders who were used sea rout, where Raja Dahir and his groups were busy in lunching the attack on passer by. Raja Dahir’s attack and insecurity of lives forced Hajaj Bin Yousuf to send a very limit force to curb such sea highjackers. The reason of this attack was to insure the safety of route and was to providing a peace full way for traders to translate their trading relation between Arabs and India.

This is very famous and known history of Muslim Arabs who made India, another country for themselves. Justice, sentimentality, kindness showed by Mohammed Bin Qasim forced local Hindus in Sindh, which is now part of Pakistan to make his statue and no one can refuse such incident.

In coming years, Muslims majority increased and people from various cast and religion joined Islam and became the part and parcel of India. Muslims in India governed nearly 750 years. In these years, many blood baths, atrocities and cruelty of Muslim generals noted. But majority of Muslim kings were merciful for their people, religious bigotry, hatred against Hinduism or against any other religions not seen on large scale. It is true that during more than Seven Hundred governing years on India, various Muslim generals and rulers played blood shed, destroyed homes, religious places and captured villages and cities but it all were not for spreading religion or not to show that how Muslim kings treat with their people, everything happened at that time was the part of war, that reason if Hindus were killed in various attack of Muslim generals, so Muslims were also among of them.

Indian history reveals that various Muslim rulers appointed non-Muslim generals and under their leadership so many victory received.

In seven hundred fifty years of India, any Muslim ruler didn’t establish any Islamic Khilafat or not forced other communities to either choose Islam as religion or face death.

Muslims were not attackers. Hundred of thousands old temples, buildings, heritage and forts are an open message that Muslims build this country, scarified their lives in giving a new shape to this country.

When British Empire was taking the control on India, Muslims were forefront to stand hurdles before their aim. In every part of India, British forces were fighting with Muslims. Martyred Tipu Sultan is the best example to understand that how Muslims preferred the country over their lives. Moulana Shah Mohadith Dehelvi, great and prominent Ulema issued fatwa against British Empire and all walks of life supported Moulan’s steps.

Muslims were not attackers. It is true that a very small group of Arabs came from abroad but soon they became a part of this country. By their blood and by their efforts and scarifies save this country from any partition which coming generations didn’t keep alive it and India on religious basis divided into two pieces. This is a fact that both country India and Pakistan are in a search of peace but still are far away from peace.

Describing Muslims as the attackers by Jaswant Singh is none acceptable. If Muslims were the attackers, they would not transmit themselves into Indian society and they forced a day to leave this country as British Empire kicked out, but not happened so that. Majority of Hindus community supported and strengthen the hand of Muslims on various difficult time.

Mr. Jaswant Singh will have to clear his position concerning calling Muslims as attackers and should have to apology to Muslim community for this unacceptable note.


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