Prakash Ambedkar apprehensive about republic unity

Amravati (Maha), Aug 27 (PTI) RPI-Bahujan Mahasangh President Prakash Ambedkar today cast his apprehensions over the republican unity saying he feared Dalit leaders would remain united till assembly elections.

"Dalit leaders whom Congress and NCP have shown the door are now talking about the republican unity. I fear whether this unity will last till assembly elections," he told a convention of party activists here.

Dalit leaders are talking about unity, but they have not yet dissolved their groups, he said.

"They asked me to join them, but I am not going to do that until they all dissolve their groups and send a letter to that effect to election commission," Ambedkar said.

Even if they come on a single platform, they have not decided who will lead them, he said.

"Will they be able to give leadership to republican population?" he asked.



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