Special reservation for Most-Backwards, Dalits demanded

Amroha: Demand of special reservation for most-backwards and most-Dalits have started to rise with political parties now showing interest in giving some sops to these communities, who were still lagging behind in social and economic arena.

The Congress has gone forward in holding a survey in UP and Bihar thus finding that most backward and most dalits are 30 to 35 per cent of the total backward and dalit population in these two states.

However now a demand for scrapping of the reservation for the backward and dalit communities who have taken the most benefit so far is also being raised in UP.

National Prajapati Mahasabha Senior Vice President Sheonath Singh Prajapati said here today that the most-backward and most-dalit communities have got nothing in the past 62 years even after several assurances from the political parties and governments.

Demanding scrapping of the reservation facilities to those castes of backwards and dalits who have been uplifted, the National Awardee for Education Mr Prajapati made it clear, it is unfortunate that the most-backwards and the Most-Dalits voices are ignored by the political parties and the government.

Talking about his Prajapati community, which comes under most backward, he told UNI that though the population of his community was around 70 million in the country but still there is not a single Member of Parliament representing the community presently.

Calling upon the political parties to focus on the plight of the most-backwards and most-dalits, Mr Prajapati said only Congress has initiated move to give these communities some respite. He also raised the point that non-holding of caste based census had also not given a clear picture of these communities.



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