A special POTA court on 06 August 09 pronounced the death sentence to the perpetrators of 2003 bomb blasts in Mumbai in Gateway of India and in Zaveri Bazar on 25th August 2003 in which 54 people had been killed and hundreds were got injured.

Defense lawyer has said that he will challenge this decision in High Court. According him, his clients are innocents and there are so many grounds which can help in proving them innocence, ignored by the court. After the high court decision, surely defense will go to Supreme Court which will decide their last fate that whether they are innocents or guilty.

In the light of recent judgment issued by the special POTA court, their guilty has been proved, hence they are awarded death sentence.

Mr. Ujjwal Nikam, special public prosecutor after pronouncing the judgment, says; “this is a significant judgment, it’s because of these devils that 54 persons lost their lives and another 244 were injured”.

No doubt, that it is a significant judgment and an open message to those who believe blood bath is the last and best option to show that what they can do and which types of disastrous can be escalated across the country.

But we are in very hurry to forget that few years ago, when TADA court began to award the sentence to the perpetrators of 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts, at the time, it was said that after the harsh punishment, every one before going to show the cruelty, will think hundred times. But what happened. Spate of serial bomb blasts across the country show the helplessness of law and security agencies, though it is still a mystery that who is behind the serial bomb blasts? Mr. Hemant Karkare, who was near to uncover the mystery of every bomb blasts, killed in a terrorist attack leaving hundreds question on his death and left the bomb blasts a merely mystery.

According report, twin blasts conspiracy was hatched in Dubai. Zahid Yusuf Patni, who later turned approver, in this case, established an organisation named “Gujarat Revenge Forces” to take the revenge of the killing of Muslims who were beheaded under state government supervision in Gujarat in 2002.

Now, most conspirators of twin blasts have been arrested or killed. Rizwan Laddowala and A. Shaikh Batterywala acquitted. Nazir, prime accused in this case encountered by the police in September 2003. Husband-wife pair and Mr. Ashrat Shafique Ansari were granted death sentence.

Surely, the chapter of Mumbai 2003 blasts has been closed with granting harsh punishment by the court which is clear message that such persons deserve such sentence.

Announcement of death sentence isn’t meant the end of terrorism from the country. The successes of judicial systems in bringing the perpetrators before the justice for their action are not the guaranty of reducing such incidents in future.

2003 Mumbai bomb blasts have left a series of questions that we have to search the answers that why such happening it in the society. Why the youths, who in past were living with us, working among us and were busy in their normal life, suddenly a day we hared about them that they arrested or they found guilty in bomb attacks. Who is it forcing them to join anti-national network? Are it is their profession? Are they joining it for the money, or for bank balance? Are they were in contact in previous with any other terrorist organization? Who will take the accountability of their crimes which claimed 54 lives and left 244 injured?

Yes, death sentence, which will be continued in future as well in such cases, is the right and true justice with them on their work and with the victims who lost their beloved once, but death penalty is not the solution. What we did against the offenders of 1993 bomb blasts in Mumbai. All of them brought to justice. Every one awarded the sentence according their role. Many of them are waiting the day when they will be hanged, but bomb blasts remained continue. Hundreds of thousands of civilians get killed in series of attacks across the country.

1992 Mumbai violence caused 1993 bomb blasts, and 2002 Gujarat violence leaded to attack on Gateway of India and on Zaveri Bazar. In both, the conspirators of 1993 and 2003 Mumbai blast aren’t same. In Mumbai riot, those who had been killed were innocents and those who took the weapons in their hand were also innocents before 1993. The cause of civilian deaths and increasing the violence in the wake of domiliation of Babri Mosque in 1992 in Ayodhya was the handy work of political leaders and rioters with the assistance of police.

Youths of particular community were feeling that police, security agencies and the systems all are have been corrupt and left only one solution of this injustice to take revenge which they did it in 1993 in Mumbai.

Same story was repeated in Gujarat in 2002, where criminals, rapists, killers and the commanders of Hindutva forces under the protection of state government played what they want. During the violence they were protected by the police and after the violence they were leaved freely in the lack of evidence. Across the country and in entire glob, this naked dance of Hindutva forces was viewed. Muslims were feeling insecure and this injustice and biased work played by the Gujarat government with the help of police which is still continue incited some youths to take Gujarat revenge.

We didn’t learn the lesson from the mistake which is being repeated by the state and central government. It is true that they found guilty and are like devils but why we forget that they are not same in nature. They were good and honest citizens, they were wanted to live and work something extra for their parents and for the country. They were natural human being and were away from unnatural work. They have family; they were living as millions live in Mumbai and in India. Their feelings and their nature was not different than any others. Their past is very clear; they were a decent and honest citizen for India. Corrupt systems and injustice in punishment forced them on such action. We are all involved in the killing of 54 people. We can’t separate ourselves from the incidents are claiming the lives of civilians.

Law, death sentence and special police squad is not the solution. It will not help us to come out from that situation forcing them to carry out the cruelty work.

Their role and action tell us our story and shows that how much the systems are corrupt. Terrorist not burn by the nature, society, government systems and their surrounding culture made them terrorist, or thief, or killer or rapists or corrupt.

Unfortunately, police state and central government can spend millions on security and on war fear team to face the challenges posed by any terrorist organisation, but they don’t have thousands rupees to teach morality to build a none-violence society.

If justice will fail and government remained work on biased systems, such as offenders will continuously is being birthed.

Free and clear atmosphere, justice and fairness in polity are the best solution to win and to stop such persons from going into wrong hand.



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