Why they are not terrorists?

By Abdul Hannan

On Friday 31 July of 2009, MCOCA withdrawn from all Malegaon accused. ATS failure in convincing to court that why it was the right in placing the MCOCA against that accused send a grief and shock to Muslim community. It is considered a big relief to Hindutva forces and setback to those who were into dreams that a day the powers of separatism of the country will be scattered by the punishment of their activists.

Justice should be implemented at any rate. If these accused are the part of destabilizing the nation and have the role in anti-national network as it was claimed at the time of their arrest, the punishment should be implemented on them and why ATS failed in proving its argument against them a question mark, but if these arrested persons to be found innocents they should be freed.

What happens in future we have to wait for that day when their fate will be decided, whether they will be freed or they will stay in jail to get on what they did. But one thing always is striking my mind that what media and ordinary people think about them, are they just only accused or they are terrorists and ATS was right in taking action against them.

MAHA ATS from day one of the arrest of Sadhvi and others her associates are on target by Hindutva forces. Before them Sadhvi Pragya Singh, Prohit and others are all innocents despite their involvement to be proved because they are from nationalist forces and if they are gone to target Muslims for the security of Hindutva there are nothing to say that their action is against the national interests.

A section of media never called them terrorists as they seen curious to use this term against the persons are from minority and arrested in same charges. As soon as police claim that terrorist network busted out and it cracked the terror network which was behind the blasts, media and the people who are very hurriedly in quick result, whether arrested person is innocent or not call him terrorist, but in this case media was seen very sensitive. Media not considered them as terrorists. The tone of media and the term of “terrorist” to be changed when it used to translate against these Malegon accused terror cases in the program or in its exclusive reports.

The exposure of Hindu terrorism and the arrest of some Hindu terrorists for their involvement in making and placing the bombs in various places, not taken with open mind and the work of former ATS chief Hemant Karkare, who broke this ice that only Muslims are not terrorists with the arrest of some Hindutva terrorists discouraged by so many classes in India. Mr. Karakre came under hard criticism by BJP and called anti-Hindu by the forces, whose hands had proved many times in violence and in every attack against minority community. The intention of Hindutva forces are that if some their activists found in the attack, police and security agencies should have to avoid them to arrest or exposing them because in their words they are protecting the nation from Islamic terrorism which is a common threat for both Hindus and the country as they claim.

It is very common thinking that Tamils, Naxals and various other terrorist groups are active in Assam or in other Indian cities are fighting for freedom and for justice, hence they are not terrorists, though they blow rail track, killed Chief Minister’s sons, threaten to civilians of dire consequences if they found them supporting the police. Muslims are fundamentalists, radicals and jihadis, hence they are terrorists. Military means, POTA, TADA or GUJCOC is only one solution to learn them lessen. Government, police and security agencies also work and move on same track. Being Muslim is enough to be a terrorist. No need to give any proof. They are Muslims its mean they are terrorists.

Actually, the mind of Police, security agencies and media has set that only Muslims can be terrorists. Bomb blast, making sophisticated weapons and blowing themselves are their left hand work. That reason after every bomb blast, we can see a series of arrest of Muslim youths and combing operation in Muslims areas to find out so-called terrorists to show that see us, we again got a Muslim terrorist.

Being Muslim in India and existing of Pakistan, which has a net of illegal network across the country and the presence of internal fomenter of communal tension, who always attempt to codify to ordinary people against a particular community, put the position of Muslims into doubt and enough to understand that Muslims never be a patriotic for the country.

Interestingly, that demolition of Babri mosque is not considered a terror act. Post-Godhra violence is not terrorism. Twenty five years journey of LTTE in Sri Lanka, where this organisation lunched so many air, ground and suicide offensives against Sri Lankan forces is not known terrorist organisation among a section of society even the fingers were not raised on the rallies were organized in favor of this outfit in India and in London also. Every arrested activist from those organisations is not much more important for media and for Hindutva forces as well.

Naxalism is not terrorism, their attacks are not terror attack, their activists are not terrorists, and their bastions are not terror camps. Naxals solution can’t be achieved by only military means. It is the political issue and can be solved by politically means and dialogue. This is very common thinking which can be seen in print and in electronic media. Political class also has no difference in it.

Laying down the life of those security personals and central forces are fighting against the terrorism of Naxals and the life of families who had lost their relatives in Naxal terror attack has no worthy and no more important for the forces are better feel to be called “nationalist forces”. No question mark for anybody neither media nor police nor ordinary people that who are supply them weapons, money and intelligence information?

This hysteria that only Muslims are terrorists and others are not, leaded illegal detention, torture, harassment, pick-up doctors, youths, shop keepers or any other what the security agencies decide in pressure.

It is very clear and no doubt that a particular group, who is active in politics, in police and in media is not working on the track to protect the nation. Their articles, their conferences and their reports are not for the interest of the nation. In the garb of Hindu religion and in the name of security of the nation they are fomenting communal tension, separatism and are inciting the youths of both communities to indulge in violence against each others to strength the thought will support such groups to justify their illegal and anti-national activities. If some people of particular minority community is involved in anti-national work, so the involvement of some groups from majority community is also not good indication for the interest of the country because both are dangerous for the country.

This is the responsibility of every Indian to denounce, condemn and not tolerate such biased and one sided story and action. This is our country and every one has dull responsibility to work for the interest of the country whether they are from any community or from any religion. We should have to unite on one platform to fight against the real outsider and insider enemy because both are terminating the sovereignty of the country. If Pakistan backed organisation tried to destroy the symbol of democracy by the attacking on Parliament and in Mumbai and in other cities, on the other side internal groups is also shown their real work to destabilize the unification of the country by demolishing of Babri Mosque in 1992, in Mumbai and in Gujarat 2002.

Prior to that, court gives its judgment against them, media and ordinary people have to clear their positions that what they think about them, if they are conspirators so why shouldn’t be punished? Why same laws shouldn’t be placed on them? And why such groups find sympathizers among of them. For the security of the country and for the unification of entire community, media and ordinary people have to ask themselves.

Abdul Hannan
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


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