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Pasmanda Muslim Forum (PMF) was launched on July 22, 2008 to provide a platform to discuss issues concerning India’s Pasmanda Muslims. The main objective of PMF is to secure a constitutional amendment for the inclusion of Dalit Muslims in the SC category, a right which is denied to them under a Presidential order of 1950.

The position of Dalit/Pasmanda Muslims is no better than that of the Dalit Hindus. Except for congregational prayers, they remain ostracized and isolated. They are economically very poor. Educationally, they are extremely marginalised. Socially, they are despised, humiliated and looked down upon. In some places, the general Muslims hesitate to share food with them even during festivals like Eid.

(Reported by Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari)
(dalitmuslims@gmail.com or shahanshah.java@gmail.com)

(Islamic Voice - July 2009)



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