All Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims

Terrorism: "The use of violent actions in order to achieve political aims or to force a government to act" – Oxford Dictionary

Could these following acts be labeled as terrorism! My doubts are minimal!

Dropping of H Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki . The millions of civilians were killed.
Iraq invaded on false charges of WMD and Al Qaeda and a million killed in the process.
US & UN embargo killed half a million Iraqi children. Reason Iraq was researching on WMD.
Where as next door a tiny terrorist state named Israel has a stock pile of hundreds of WMD! Any UN resolution against it vetoed y US!! It has kicked UN resolutions in dozens and no action!

Radio active amour piercing shells used by US forces in Iraq which will spread cancer and tumor in Iraq for hundreds of years to come!
State sponsored Gujarat Carnage!
Recent Ghaza seize and non stop bomabardment
For last fifty plus years Palestinians driven out of their homes forcefully. Their children women killed. Women raped in public by Israel military. Stone throwing kids arrested and tortured to death.

Lets see where Islam stands on the subject - Terrorism:

This profession is never a Muslim monopoly. Not even a Muslim specialty!

Muslim believe in Holy Quran which says: You kill a single innocent human being you killed the whole humanity!! If you save a single innocent human being you saved the whole mankind.

Terrorism is strictly prohibited in Islam.

At the same time Freedom Fighters temporarily called terrorists. e.g. British called Netaji Subas Bose; Bhagat Singh; Bagha Jatin as terrorists! Once George Washington called a terrorists. Today Palestinians whose land is stolen, children killed; women raped if they resist with stones they are called terrorists and butchered using US supplied weapons!!

Lets take a look at the records of terrorism around the world:

19th century no attack by Muslims. Suddenly after forceful creation of Israel on Muslim land and Zionist media bashing of Muslims attacks started by freedom fighters of Palestine !!

Lets see what happened till nineteenth century:

1881 in the streets of St. Petersberg Tsar Alexander –II of Russia was traveling in a bullet proof car. An anarchist set off a bomb which killed 21 by standers. When the Tsar stepped out of car; next bomb killed him.

In 1886 a Bomb Blast took place Haymarket in Chicago during a labor rally. 8 anarchists were involved. All non Muslims. Dozens killed in that violence.

6th Sept 1901 US President William Mcknley was assassinated . He was shot twice by an anarchist Leon Czolgosz an anarchist a non Muslim

1st of October Bomb blast done by two Christians James and Joseph.

28th June 1914 Archduke of Austria and his wife assassinated by members of Young Bosnia who were Non-Muslim Serbs. This incidence lead to world war.

16th April 1925 bomb blast in St. Nedeliya Church ; Sofia ; Bulgaria was done by communists who were not Muslims.

9th October 1934 King Alexander-I of Yugoslovia was assassinated by a gunman

1st May 1961 the first US air craft was hijacked to Cuba by Ramerez Oriz a non-Muslim

28th August 1968 the US Ambassador to Guatemala was assassinated by a non-Muslim.

30th July 1969 US Ambassador to Japan was knifed by a Japanese.

3rd September 1969 US Ambassador to Brazil was kidnapped by non Muslims

19th April 1995 Federal Building was bombed in Oklahoma city by two Christians Timothy and Terry. 166 killed and hundreds injured.

From 1941 to 1948 in total 259 severely violent terrorists attacks were committed by Jewish terrorists.

22nd July 1946 bombing of King David Hotel was done by Menachem Begin. His team of gangsters were dressed as Arabs to pass the blame to Palestinians.91 innocent killed. UK declared him as the deadliest terrorist. He became the Prime Minister of Israel and finally received Nobel Prize for Peace!

(That shows the power of media. It can change the world opinion in any direction. When Muslims will realize that? They are busy in building worlds tallest towers; expensive hotels, palaces never building media)

Ariel Sharon the bulldozer the terrorist of Sabra and Shatiala was called Man of Peace by a number of US presidents!

Creation of Israel itself at gun point is the biggest act of terror. Before 1945 Israel was no where in the world map! The original children of the land now landless. If they fight (with stones) to get back their land whole Zionist owned media portray them as terrorists and Israel state forces use alal kind of latest weaponry gifted by US!

In Germany from 1968 to 1992 Baader Meinhoff Gang killed several innocent people. They were Christians.

In Italy Red Brigade kidnapped Aldo More former Prime Minister of Italy and killed several innocent human beings.

20th March 1996 Aum Shirikyo A Buddhist cult used nerve gas in a Tokyo subway.

In UK since hundred years IRA has been conducting worst possible violent terrorist acts. Where as a handful of Muslims who reacted to Birtish participation to unjust Iraq war, immediately British media called it Islamic terrorism. Tony Blair found Muslims are the worst danger to UK . In 100 years of violence IRA was never called as Christian or Catholic terrorists.

1972 IRA conducted three bomb blasts

1974 IRA bombed Gulf Ford Pub

1972 IRA bombed Birmingham Pub killed 21 and injured 182

1996 London Bombing by IRA killed 2 injured more than 100

1996 IRA Manchester Shopping Center 200 injured

IRA planted 500 pound car bomb 35 people injured

15th August 1998 one 500 pound car bomb killed dozens

4th March 2001 bombed by IRA

In Spain & France ETA conducted 36 major terrorists attacks

Lords Salvation Army of Uganda is the most dreaded terror organization of Africa . They have wipe out a lot of people from that continent.
LTTE most innovative and specialized in suicide bombing and cyanide capsules! Now dreaming of Maha Elam spreading from Sri Lanka to Tamil Nadu!

Sikhs had their Khalistan movement; until ruthlessly suppressed by Indian army and Punjab police.

31st October 1984 Indian serving Prime Minister was assassinated by her two Sikh body guards who were definitely not Muslims.

There is not a single Muslims in ATTF (All Tripura Tiger Force) who strikes terror since ages in the North East. All Christians

National Liberation Front of Tripura has no Muslim in their ranks. All Christians

2nd October 2004 ; Christian terrorists killed 44 Hindus

ULFA had committed 1990 to 2006 in 16 years 740 numbers of violent terrorist acts. They are all Hindus. Their list of effective & successful attacks will put Kashmiri militants at shame!

Maoists in Nepal committed 99 acts of terror in Nepal in seven years time.

Out of 600 districts of India Maoists are active in 150 with all latest weaponry and are on a killing spree. How many Muslims are among their ranks??? NIL No one calls them Hindus terrorists. More killing done by Maosists than years of violence by Kashmiries . Still government of India considers Muslim more dangerous. Why? George Bush says so!

How many of these are Muslims????

World War –II killed 60 million in total!! How many Muslims were involved in that violent war!!

The best is to visit this link and watch video. It is very good.


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