Bhai Tej Singh calls Dalits & Muslims to join hands to wrest power

sees immense potential for newly formed SDPI in future

By Pervez Bari

New Delhi: If Dalits and Muslims, who constitute about 50 per cent of the electorates, join hands politically then nothing else is required to wrest power from the Brahminical forces, which is a miniscule micro-minority ruling India for last six decades since Independence. Seeing the continuous deterioration in the plight of Muslims it does not look like that they ever ruled India for 800 years.

The above observations was made by Bhai Tej Singh, president of Ambedkar Samaj Party, at a Iftar get-together here hosted by the newly formed Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), at the Ghalib Academy. At the get-together politicians, academicians, advocates, human right activists, students etc. were present.

Singh said when the British left India in 1947 Muslims in government service were about 35 per cent. However, now in the last 60-62 years they have been reduced to less than one per cent, courtesy the ruling class. Besides Congress other parties like BSP, SP, RJD etc. have used Muslims as pawn in their surge to the citadel of power, he emphatically stated.

He said his discussions are on with SDPI leaders as how Dalits and Muslims can unitedly fight electoral battles in a democratic manner to show the door to the ruling Brahminical class and others. He said he was very much impressed when he saw the cadres of Popular Front of India and SDPI recently and as such there is immense potential for this new political force to succeed at the hustings in future.

President of SDPI E. Abubacker in his presidential address said that the time has come for Muslims together with Dalits and other backward classes to march forward in unison to their ultimate goal of empowering themselves and to have their share in political power structure of India. It is necessary to ponder now as to what we could do for our country, society, community and have-nots. It is no gain in criticizing our forefathers as to what they did or did not do and what government of the day did or did not do. Just sitting and engaging ourselves in such fruitless discussion will lead us to nowhere, he averred.

“If we continue to wait further for things to change for the better on its own then the future generations would never forgive us for this lapse. It’s time we make life difficult for those in power who are depriving the masses of their rights as enshrined in the Constitution of India”, he remarked.

Abubacker said for this purpose SDPI has been formed and plunge itself into the political battle-ground. The SDPI has not descended from the skies. It is a party of the people residing on earth. Its roots are in the ground while its branches are spread all over the skies.

The SDPI is not my party or people sitting here on the dais but belongs to people of entire India. It is only a technical thing that I am its president. The party is of Indian Muslims, Dalits, Christians, farmers and all minorities and have-nots and its task is “Iqtadar Mein Hissa Lena Hai” (to get its share in power). It is going to work with ground realities, he added.

He reiterated that if we work together and persevere uninterruptedly then certainly a revolution would come in India and we shall be in power to realize the dreams of one and all especially the minorities and the have-nots.

Earlier, while answering questions from the audience in the inter-active session Abubacker said there is no VIP in the SDPI. It has risen from the grass-root level by being involved in social service under the banner of Popular Front of India. It has all India perspective and is not confined to any particular region with all issues concerning the common man as its agenda.

He cleared that SDPI would not disturb like-minded parties but move forward with their cooperation.

E. M. Abdurrahman, chairman of Popular Front of India, said SDPI is not personality-oriented party depending on the charismatic or charm of one or two leaders but it is cadre based. It is a party of the people, for the people and by people. It works with an open mind and heart, he declared.

Abdurrahman pointed out that the SDPI is the natural outcome of discussions and inter-actions while being engrossed in the social sector for nearly last two decades.

Sayeed , general secretary SDPI, explained about the green-red party flag with a white star placed in the centre. He said green stands for eco-friendly and prosperity while red depicts sacrifice.

The white star indicates peace, he added.

In the beginning Maulana Usman Baig, member of National Executive of PFI, while throwing light on the history of the formation of SDPI said up till now in 16 states branches of the party have been established with more than one lakh cadres. The next target is to recruit about two lakh cadres by October 18 this year when a national convention of the party would be held in New Delhi, he informed. (


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