BJP’s Muslim leaders: Their induction in party is an RSS strategy

By Kulsum Mustafa,

Eyesores or cynosures, they are for keeps. The saffron robed Muslim leaders are now an inseparable part of the Hindutava campaigner Bharatiya Janata Party. And it is not by chance but because of a well thought-out Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) strategy that these ‘opportunist Muslim’ leaders have been allowed to prosper in the party.

Periodic news about a move to show the door to two senior national Muslim leaders and former ministers of BJP - Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi (Uttar Pradesh) and Shahnawaz Hussain (Bihar) turn out to be nothing but mere speculation. The two had been ‘strategically’ inducted into the saffron party, not by the BJP but by the parent RSS. Removing them now after they have spent years in the BJP is almost unthinkable and against the strategy.

As for Husain and Naqvi, after spending over two decades in the party there is no political life for them outside the BJP. The so-called secular parties like the Congress, Bahujan Samaj Party, Samajwadi Party cannot afford to touch them even with a barge pole.

It was Vishwa Hindu Parishad senior leader and former Member of Parliament, Ram Vilas Vedanti who kicked up the issue. Known for his strong anti-Muslim views, he suggested that the two ‘show boys” from the minority community be shown the door. According to him they have proved to be a big hurdle to Hindus accepting the party whole-heartedly.

Vedanti suggested this as the BJP evaluated the party’s poor performance in the general elections held in the country in May 2009. The VHP leader felt that the expulsion would be greatly welcomed by the majority community as it would lead to the ‘purification of the party’. Vedanti is said to have substantiated his views by saying that the BJP’s very formation was meant to protect the rights of the Hindus and the presence of Muslim members proved to be a big hindrance to attaining this goal.

A great supporter of Pilibhit MP Varun Gandhi, who whipped up an anti-Muslim hysteria, Vedanti said that Varun’s wings were clipped at the instance of these Muslim leaders in the party. Vedanti has demanded the resignation of party president Rajnath Singh for his lack of support to the Hindu cause. He demanded that Gandhi be given charge of BJP in Uttar Pradesh.
He said BJP will get mass support if it openly declares that it will ensure the construction of Ram temple at Ayodhya not due to any court order but because it is the will and the wish of the Hindu majority in the country.

But though many may have shared Vendanti’s views none would speak out considering that a strong and concentrated move is on by the BJP to garner the support of the Muslims towards the BJP.

Rashtriya Muslim Manch (RMM) – an outfit set up in Delhi under the guidance of senior Hindu leader Indrish – has been especially created for the purpose. Headed by Mohammed Afzal, it is housed at the residence of senior BJP leader and ex-Union minister Satyanarain Jatiya. Former Central Haj committee chairman Tanvir Ahmed is a member of this body. The sole purpose of RMM is to project a good face of the BJP among the Muslims.

RSS only makes the obvious more clear. If Naqvi and Husain need the BJP, the BJP needs them even more.



  1. Hi;
    Few points picked up from this otherwise nice write up.
    Hindu (Brahmin+Ksatriya+Vasya) is a minority, merely 8%. Hindu is never a majority.Rest 82% are non-Hindu and original inhabitant of India. Aryans entered the country thousand sof years ago. The conquerer dictates the rules!
    They have been ruling and exploiting the true children of the land in the name of Hindutva or Dharm.
    Not any more.
    The Mulniwasi the son of the soil is waking up.
    This giant awakening will throw away all these filth from our society.
    Jai Mulniwasi

  2. Hindus are not more than 8% in this country but these Brahmin, Ksatriya, Vasya portrait themselves in such a way and make people believe that they are in majority.(80% of the population)

    Mulniwasi should stand up and make it clear to these RSS stooges that they are not Hindu. This country belongs to them and they are indigenous people of this country. How can these foreigners claim such misleading statistics.


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