Dalit-Muslim Movement

By Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari

Published in Dalit Voice, 1-15 July 2009 Issue

We are proposing a directory of those promoting Dalit-OBC-Muslims issues, specially Dalit Muslims, their address, phone/mobile, fax, email and website address. Details of literature dealing with Dalit-Muslims problems and the contact details of its authors.

Our new blog, www.dalitmuslims.com, is the voice against upper caste atrocities.

Your suggestions to evolve a common agenda policy and strategies for an all-round upliftment of Dalit-Muslims are needed.

We want to unite all Dalits irrespective of their religion.

To promote reservation for Dalit-Muslim/OBC Muslim separately and for the Centre as well as States to amend the Constitution.

Fight the false argument of “unity” among Muslims against reservation for Dalits. Where is the unity among Muslims when Muslims as a whole suffer from socio-economic, educational and political backwardness?

The ruling/upper caste strategy to promote their interests and frustrate Dalit rights must be challenged. A great conspiracy has been hatched against all Dalits to deny justice to them.

For al political parties to see that the Sachar Committee and Ranganath Mishra Commission reports are implemented.

We are grateful to V.T. Rajshekar, Editor, Dalit Voice, Bangalore. Khalid Anis Ansari, Ashok Yadav, Irshadul Haque, Prof. Imtiaz Ahmad, Yoginder Sikand, Tanvir Salim, Kashif-Ul-Huda (editor twocircles.net), Masood Ahmed Falahi, Altaf Ahmad, Adv. Irfan Engg. and many others for supporting this cause.

(shahanshah.java@gmail.com, http://ww.dalitmuslims.com)


  1. it is good article.i support this movment.it black spot on secularism. not include sc list .it is discrimination base on religion .dr shameem rain assistant professor in political science. SBM PG COLLEGE FAZILNAGAR KUSHINAGAR UP


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