Jamiat Ulema welcomes resolution on SC status to Dalit Muslims


: Jamiat Ulama Andhra Pradesh President Hafiz Peer Shabbir Ahmed, MLC, today welcomed the resolution passed in the state legislature regarding extending Scheduled Caste (SC) status to Dalit Christians and Muslims in India to enjoy equal political rights and socio-economic and educational benefits as all other Scheduled Castes.

He said in a statement that it was a bold decision taken by the Government which would fulfil the long pending demands of the Dalit Christians and Muslims.

He said he hoped that necessary amendment in the Constitution would be effected shortly to enable the Dalit Christians and Muslims to avail the rights and privileges extended to Scheduled Castes in the country.

The step would help ameliorate the pathetic conditions of Dalit Muslims and pave way for their all-round development, he said.


  1. it is too much dealy desion/step taken by muslim's so-called forward leaders because loss has been already inflicted....but....still why many other ashraf leaders are lagging behind????? Islam teaches about sacrifice(for brothers & others) not selfishness. we should take lessons from 'sahabakarams' as well as 'ansars' of Medina.
    why they are making hue & cry only for reservation to all muslims despite the fact that only four castes are out of reservation?????why can't they should unequivocal and pathetic for the cause, welfare and benefitt of ninty percent of muslims. reservation to all muslims is just like reservation to all hindus and would be alethal weapon like ram mandir, islamic terrorism, uniform civil code, madarsas, kashmir pakistan, purdah systemand so on.

  2. It is good to notice that few Muslim organisations and individuals are coming forward and showing their agreement with this decision which was not the case earlier where they were not agree to even talk on this topic.

    I wonder when all Christian organisations are united to get the SC status for dalit Christians then why not all Muslims? Still majority Muslims who even don't understand the term Dalit Muslims.


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