Once again, central government’s proposal on central Madarsa board has been rejected unanimously. Ulemas and various Muslim organizations expressed their great concern on government’s move to introduce central Madarsa board.

Muslim is only one nation in India which, since independence, is struggling for a place in the society. The history of modern India tells the story that despite the changes and the transformations of Indian societies from a place to another and escalated democratic values across the country and the glob is not appeared a good approach for Indian Muslims are being pressured in the garb of reformations and in the name of modernizations, to give up their historical, religious and social identities.

In modern India which starts since independence, Muslims generally and their religious places and institutions particularly, are on target by the Hindutva separatism organizations and its sympathizers, who are using all means to convert Muslims into Hinduism and by shutting their religious institutions, and Mosques, they are forcing to remove their religious identities from their daily lives.

Indian society can bee seen in two sections concerning Muslims. First section believes that Indian Muslims, who converted into Islam by sword and by might during Mughal rules on India, from nature, is Hindu. RSS and others, the sisters or puppets of this organization, are from 1st section. Such history is being taught to innocent Hindus in the shakhas are in lakhs. Their religious and political leaders and their volunteers, who are prepared particularly against Muslims, are working on the directions. Central governments, state governments, media, police, NGOs and educated class of the country, are aware of existing of such organizations and their hatred work. Which kind of action can be taken against them, is before every on of us. For weeks, Urdu newspapers and some English newspapers are highlighting and publishing the report that a new organization from right-wing of Hindutva has opened a new war against Darul Uloom Deoband in Utter Pradesh and this organization, every day, is trying to disturb communal harmony. Having been the information of such incident is taking place in Utter Pradesh, neither central government nor state government of UP nor English national media took it seriously. Moral and political support of secular powers and inability to work against them provided them platform to open a new war against prominent Muslim institution. In short words, this class wants from Muslims to concede what it seeks from them, means, shut their Madarsas, Mosques, give up their religious identity and join them.

Second section or second class is called seculars. Their work and their ton of talk with Muslims are democratically but their purpose also is same as first class thinks and does against Muslims. This second class which is secular wants to take action for Muslims upliftment. For this purpose, it wants to take some steps will help to remove poverty and illiteracy from Muslims. Sachar commission was also appointed to judge the condition of Muslims on various levels across the country in order to do something for them. It is unavoidable that this second class ignored Muslims and never placed Muslim’s demand. It talks of Muslim’s welfare, promises of implementing the recommendations of the commissions for a better future of Muslims and etc but the result is zero. It didn’t help to Muslims in any ways. In violence, in bomb attacks, in poverty and in illiteracy Muslim society is totally leaved behind by such secular forces. Batla house encounter, fake encounters in Gujarat, encounters of Muslims by Hindutva organizations in Gujarat, promise of reconstruction of Babri mosque in Ayodhya, justice to bomb blast victims are key issues of Muslims totally untouched by UPA government in its more than 5th year rules in center. Instead to solve the core issues of Muslims, and provide them all facilities for their rehabilitation in various fields, central government is introducing Madarsa board bill to capture Private Madarsas to shut Muslims’ religious identity from Muslim society. According Sachar committee report, only 3 or 4 percent Muslims go to Madarsas and 96% Muslims go to Universities and schools. These 96% Muslims need government help, institutions, facilities, and other helps to improve their educational level and able to get the admission in higher institutions, but government, instead giving them priority, trying to capture Private Madarsas, while these Private Madarsas are being run by Muslims not by the government. These Madarsas are epicenter of Muslims in their social and in their daily life. If government takes its control, the situation will goes worsen of Muslims religiously and historically. Indeed, secular forces also working on same direction which is selected by 1st section to snatch their historical and religious identities in India.

It is unbelievable that why Madarsas come under much attention by the central government when it goes to discus on education development in Muslim community, while schools and universities are the 1st choice of majority of Muslim parents as the survey of Sachar commission shows.

Muslim leaders should have to take lessen from past and ask the government that why it is forcing on a Madarsa board, although its 60 years denial towards Muslim increased poverty, illiteracy and unemployment in Muslim community in all over the country.

Can central government satisfies Muslims that proposed central Madarsa board will solve the issues are stand before them? Can government thrash Muslim’s fear that government’s Madarsa board is an effort to interfere in Muslim’s internal matter and such as the ways will be open for government to away Muslim generations from their Islamic and religious identity which is the demand of Hindutva groups. How Muslims believe on government’s honesty in increasing the reformations in educational field with bringing a Madarsa board which will revive Madarsa’s syllabus time to time which will give a chance to Hindutva sympathizers to change their syllabus? Can government clear its intention behind Madarsa board while lakhs of so-called religious Shakhas of Hindutva organizations are given free hand to teach what they want and build which kind of Shakhas they want to build in anywhere of the country?

If government is interested and has committed to change the condition of Indian Muslims, so it should have to come to Muslim’s areas and see from their own eyes the requirements of Muslims. Development in Muslim’s areas, financial help to minorities’ students and to poor Muslim families for higher education of their children, road construction and smooth electricity and water supply in Muslim dominated localities are the work of the governments which totally failed to address it.

Instead to address the issues are great factor of Muslims downfall in India, central government’s interest to waste its all energies on those who are just represents of 2% of their community, with ignoring 96% of the community will not help to the community and with that Muslim’s downfall can’t be stopped.

We will oppose of any move of government to take over Private Madarsas in its hand, if government has interest on Muslim’s upliftment it should have to cover all roots and fix all weaken points in Muslim community, and wide their working range, provide them justice, reservations, scholarships establish modern institutions, open medical colleges, and begin the construction in Muslim localities, but without taking significant steps, if it tried to take over these Madarsas, Muslims till their last drop of blood will oppose such move.


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