Hollowness of Congress' Dalit love exposed

By Anand Raj Singh,

LUCKNOW: Uttar Pradesh Congress president Rita Bahuguna Joshi had probably not thought of the character of her party leaders or their true commitment to the ideals of neither Mahatma Gandhi, nor to their current youth icon Rahul Gandhi when she decided that all senior leaders should spent a night at Dalit houses in their respective constituencies on Gandhi Jayanti.

Reports coming in from different constituencies have exposed the hollowness of the state party leaders about their willingness to follow in the footsteps of the Amethi MP and party general secretary, who could spend nights at Dalit houses, eat whatever could be available and cooked there, have bath from the water of a hand pump, besides warding off the mosquitoes in the night.

Though the list would be quite a long one but a few names come handy to expose the sham: Union Minister Sriprakash Jaiswal had a sweetmeat shop owner to take care of his meals; Rajkumari Ratna Singh of Pratapgarh and Congress Legislature Party leader Pramod Tiwari ate from disposable thermocol plates, while Dalits sat metres away from them. Interestingly, party MP from Unnao, Anu Tandon, joined in puri preparation for community feast in her constituency.

A senior party leader said most of those who had shamed their leader (Rahul) would be paying a heavy price in the coming days, as certain TV channels had exposed the hypocrisy of them.



  1. for a better preview and picture we should recll statement of l. k. advani (few years back in haryana) in he stated that if (you) people didn't want to vote (us) bjp then vote congress. but do not vote to third front. why??????? .......what is the reason behind this internal love (story) ? why & how they are complement of each other? anything thing else beside brahmanism, "manusmriti", bhagvata gita and mentality of 'aam-daam-saam'?


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