Humane Approach the only Strategy to Breed Politicians

By Akmal Husain

The Democracy as is meant to serve the people in its own way / manner requires well trained, sincere and dedicated local area workers (called politicians), who by virtue of public mandate holds the responsible positions like Prime Minister, Chief Ministers, Council of Ministers etc. In constitutional provision there are however, no demarcated guidelines / provisions as prerequisite or qualifying eligibility/competence to hold positions of elected membership of various Houses. No one knows, when we will break such traditional lacuna. During every general & by-elections, besides local issues, caste, community, religious & other emotional issues predominate the voting trend rather real issues of the common interest. The author has been demanding for instituting a larger National Commission to study & address these aspects such that the democratic governance takes place in its true sense and the ambitious development & welfare schemes (meticulously launched by the credible Union Govt.) meets their objective in its true sense of letter & spirit meaning that the real beneficiaries gets fruits of social justice. This may be by better materialized by establishing a nodal institute namely: National Institute of Political Planning & Management (synopsis defined as separate article).

There is widespread talk about the fine political and managerial capabilities of the departed beloved A. P. Chief Minister Dr Reddy. It is high time to introspect as what had been the guiding force behind such capability. In my view nothing is amazing, rather he was rare amongst the politicians breed. As a physician, so he diagnosed the problem of the people and society and started treating accordingly. That is why he was in constant touch with the vast people who had been so far neglected or sufferer due to any reason. He never behaved only on Baboo’s notes & departmental statistics. On the other hand, almost all the politicians as constitutional Authority / Public Representative do not realize the responsibilities in tandem to the problem at source / site (like at the Village Panchayat, Block, Sub Division & the District Level) critically & categorically studying, highlighting & pursuing the problem to the concerned authorities. In most of the Constituencies (mainly Parliamentary), it has been noticed that the MP himself does not access regularly & freely to the masses rather their henchmen. It results uneven consideration & superficial status updating. Dr Reddy was really an enthusiast, youthful, applying his mind (relying on self assessment & observations). Thus he was a sincere leader based on personal interactions, of course it caused his life, but it will pay way for establishing real strategy for the budding politicians. Otherwise, without closer interaction, studying, analyzing & pursuing the problems, politics has no meaning rather it becomes selfish motive and hefty power gain only.

Dr Reddy as the successful mass leader though is rare in this second / third generation of politicians, but in the early period of Independence, almost all the leaders use to come through mass connectivity & they kept interest of their area & electors supreme. Likewise, the author of this article being a scientist often visits his home constituency: Kannauj (in scathing heat, heavy showers or chilled winter) on foot or by Motor Bike. Through such intensive surveys, observations of public plight, the apathy of the corrupt & inefficient govt. machinery exposes the reality & creates insight to dedicate for the cause of hapless fellow citizens. Due to severe heat & consequent sun burns on back, arms, face during the May, June & July (09) though causes pain & worry but this is the only means to realize the first hand plight of the vast neglected poor rural populace where corruption & nepotism has taken the lead.

Can political Yuvrajs like Rajendrasingh Shekhawat, Sachin Pilot, Jitin Prasad, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Jaganmohan Reddy, Akhilesh Yadav besides many more dare to take such rigorous regular public interactions under heavy odds & get closer to the problems of masses. How often they visit the rural & affected areas. The author has no grudge to induct them into politics on compassionate or hierarchical considerations, but it should be an open competition. Initially, they should be given the party organizational / social works for not less than 10 yrs before offering the MP / MLA seats. In fine tuning & training of political process, stalwart of the political legacy Mr. Rahul Gandhi is absolutely fair & honest in his strategy as he involves in the organizational matters & public issues before heading the constitutional responsibility. Sudden coronation on top positions without much public access & gross root efforts is sheer encroachment of political position & is hence a very unhealthy tactic rather betrayal & befooling the innocent masses.

Indian people, by and large are very innocent rather foolish as they are befooled in choosing their own representatives. However, on compassionate grounds, taking advantage of emotional circumstances, the senior positions like Ministerial berth or Chief Minister ship should never be donated in haste (generally to the unexperienced, incompetent & tainted persons that too having no mass roots). The national policy makers & the captains of political industry should view seriously about such issues and the consequent repercussions of such compassionate and hierarchical postings. A corporate executive after getting well trained (for over 7 years in the local area social services through an NGO) has jumped in to electoral foray from Unnao (LS constituency in UP) & won with a real leadership to its people. The elected MP Annu Tandon is therefore a role model for bringing positive & creative leadership to the society. It is heard that now Mulayam’s daughter-in-law Mrs. Dimple Yadav (wife of Kannauj LS MP Mr Akhilesh Yadav) is the next such encroachment to the Ferozabad constituency in UP. How long this tactic will be applied to befool the masses where democracy is the worst sufferer.

At the crux of the situation, the solution of the problem is that more and more people from amongst the educated class should come into real social & welfare services through interactive studies & regular approach to the problems of common sufferers. After gaining experience, confidence of the people and competence, these people should enter into electoral foray to push back the deceivers of democracy (in the family & caste / community etc). In this regard, Chennai has initiated an institute named “Institute of Honest Politics” to train and harness the potential in young people for entering into sincere politics. However, the welfare services of its people & development of the area is the only criteria when one proves indispensable to become their representative. Can Political Boss like Sonia / Rahul duo dare to encourage & search these kinds of concerned & dedicated public servants (already in-rooted to the masses) to induct into active mainstream politics rather accommodating / encouraging traditional concepts. No doubt, the electoral politics of emotions, charisma and nepotism is no longer to succeed thus only the welfare services, masses connectivity & accountability will breed quality & stable politicians as is being noticed in so many states like WB, TN, Karnataka & Gujarat. Let Bosses of the important nationalist parties realize the gravity of the situation & bring about reforms in politicians recruitment, posting, transfer & promotion system.

(Akmal Husain - Sr. Scientist, Zoological Survey of India 130 Santhome High Rd Chennai 28)
Free lance Writer / Social Activist at Kannauj (UP) 209 701, email:


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