Electronic media and Islamic Word

Translated by: Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadvi

From two decades, electronic Media has been vowed the war against Islamic world. Cyclone of private TV channels, as it seen in western countries has commuted civil and moral strata. Progressive work has been remained to continue in print media, but increasing the numbers of private TV channels left its high affects on Islamic culture. Western naked culture which had been growing in Europe and in America from two decades ago, Islamic countries put on same path to embellish in western culture.

Western media have highest and modern technology, in previous, gulf war was known as TV war. Western media, by wining the gulf war with the support of new technologies has been proved that weapon's technologies with the assistance of new and modern media can be used very effectively. Gulf war telecasted live in all over the world from battlefield. In this war of media, CNN, Voice of America, BBC, Monte Carlo (France) and Israeli TVs were included in it. The role of CNN was on the top in it. There was special pact between CNN and Pentagon, facilities and numerous means provided to it.

New western media, as it had involved in Gulf war, is being used perfectly during American occupation on Iraq and Afghanistan. American ugly face and its atrocities in Afghanistan and in Iraq still are in the clouds. American allied forces in Iraq and in Afghanistan have been defeated badly and are searching the ways to come out from there, but western media is not providing correct and actual situation to the people of America and to the people of Western and European countries.

In response of new technologies of western media, there is very little approach in Islamic world, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Turkey took some approach in media. Making agreement in 1992 with CNN, BBC and with other 120 countries for telecasting Hajj program on their channels was a best step of Saudi Arabia. By using Internet and TV channels in Kuwait, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, teaching of Islam is being delivered in a best manner to across the world. There is efforts are being made in Turkey to present best programs. Various programs of Turkey got the popularity in Islamic countries. In the field of TV channels, Qatar also has been achieved success. Islamic countries failed to address full achievements in new technologies and there are needs of more development.

Le Mond Diplomat, a French magazine, published an article in December of 1993, in which said clearly that war against Islam will not be fought only in the battlefield but culture and civilizations are the field where it will be fought.

Hollywood, Hub of American film industry, is believed the fort of Jews and it is the center of conspiracy against Islam. From more than one century, bigotry, hatred and abhorrence against Islam is being produced across the world through films. In the last two decades of twenty century, Hollywood made various films against Muslims, such as Delta Force, Revenge, Steal the Sky and to present analytic dramas of world trade center siege etc films made, in these films Islamic and Muslims identity damaged very badly. Muslims are presented as the enemy of peace and terrorists. American attacks on Islamic world and baseless propagandas of western media is just only to narrowed Muslim Ummah from all corners

Telecasting new and good programs on TV channels are the need of the hour to inform Muslim youths, Muslim girls and women about Islamic character to how to build it in their life.

Women and girls, however, play a role in building of new generation, so that, Islamic programs and the programs based on Islamic culture should be telecasted on TV channels for them. According a survey, cartoons are the best program for children, and they see it with very enthusiasm, these channels, through cartoons are spreading western culture and the minds of innocent child are being damaged by these cartoons. There is need to be made cartoons based on Islamic culture and civilizations by looking psychology of child, which help them in increasing their enthusiasm to know Islamic history. Cartoons and reformatory programs can be made for children.

In western countries, meaning of freedom of expression or freedom of media is believed the freedom in nature. Today, in the name of modernization of media, this work is going on in Islamic country.

There is no way but to accept the importance and momentousness of media. Freedom of media, where it left its impacts on society, it is very important matter to all of us to set the limit and restrictions of electronic and print media. Implementation of this restriction shouldn't be from government but media and the leaders of this institution set code of ethics themselves.

Electronic media, than the ratio of print media didn't follow strong policies. On of the reasons of it is that in past ten or fifteen years, broadcastings of TV channels increased very fast. Across the world, most of people watch current affair programs. Media's work is to bring awareness among people. The media of every country work according the code of conduct of its country. Media with providing the information plays a huge role in education and in upbringing. Strangely, Islamic countries media is unoccupied from its ideological acuity. Islam is a complete way of life. Electronic Media such as print media can play a role as interpreter of Islam in the world.

Development of electronic media caused dominance of western culture in Islamic countries, but here is a pleasant moment that method of thinking of people has been changed. There are need to prepare historical and constructive programs.

World economy and media are under taken by West with the assistance of Jews conspiracy. Economy and media are fields, where Muslim countries should do more. The issues are being highlighted by western media, Muslim countries media without thinking on the issues highlights it as it is. Anti-Islam propaganda Islam is a routine subject of western media. Sometimes cartoons are being published in western media and sometimes, in Holland film “Fitna” is being made to damage Islamic and Qura'anic identity. Western media always spent its time in declaring Muslims as terrorists, fundamentalists and Jihadists, while print and electronic media of Muslim countries publish these unbiased reports as it is. This is the same situation of most Muslim countries, except Saudi Arabia, where the government banned some channels.

Organizations and the Boss of institutions should establish their own Media think tank in Islamic countries which dialogue to West. American and European Media think tank is in fore front to present Islam wrongly. Media think tank can plays a role to bring the truth hidden behind these propagandas.

Media cell of Muslim organizations, institutions and movements should be strength its own network. Organizing International Media Conference is very necessary. If Media conference of Islamic world organize a conference every year in various Islamic countries, then the day is not far away when we will govern. Islam, naturally always prepares to face new challenges. On this front, Muslim Ummah can establish its own agenda. If Muslim Ummah goes ahead with wisdom and enlightenment in economy and in media, then these aims can be gain very easily.

This time, world news agencies on the model of Reuters, and AFP exit in western media, which pass biased and one-sided story against Muslim world, these agencies find a place in print and electronic media of Muslim world and without looking the authenticity of these reports it will be transmitted into the media of Muslim world.

Current situations demand that a world news agency of Islamic world on the model of AFP and Reuters should be established to provide the news to Islamic world and to western media. Muslim World League, three decades ago, had established a news agency but it is still none-operational.


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