‘Attack on Prof Kancha Ilaiah -A protest letter’

Dear All,

This disturbing news article reports the blatant violation of human rights of Prof Kancha Ilaiah. He was mobbed in his home, and made to repeat slogans that were not his beliefs and his home was vandalized.

This deeply humiliating experience of a private citizen is a concern to all of us and we protest this undemocratic act. Prof Kancha Ilaiah is a symbol of articulation for the dalitbahujan.

His writings and consistent engagement with the media on issues concerning the dalitbahujan are a source of inspiration and hope for the otherwise silenced people.

We, the undersigned protest and demand action against the mobbing students and instigators behind this violation of human rights of Prof Kancha Ilaiah and his family.


Anu Ramdas, Naren Bedide, Cynthia Stephen, Sandali Thakur,Pardeep Singh Attri, Gurinder Singh Azad, Harpreet Kaur Azad, Anoop Kumar, Philip Vinod Peacock, J.K. Jatav, Rajesh Katulkar, Gyanendra Kumar, Sangita Nigam, Sudeep KS, Bhanu Pratap Singh, Christy Carmel, Satish Tarnas, Pragyanshu Amoni, Saurav Arya, Maymon Madathingal, Ravinder Goliya, Hayato Nakumara


OU students force prof to eat his words

Express News Service

HYDERABAD: A new demand for creation of `Manya Seema,’ a separate State comprising areas predominantly dominated by tribal population and extending from Adilabad to Srikakulam district, and its advocacy by Prof Kancha Ilaiah has not gone down well with the students of Osmania University who are fighting for a separate statehood for Telangana.

A group of OU students today laid siege to Ilaiah’s residence at Tarnaka and cornered him for raising the voice of a tribal State. The activists wrote on the apartment walls slogans in favour of separate Telangana and against `Manya Seema’ after taking on the political science professor.

Nearly 20 students stormed into the apartment of Ilaiah and demanded that he withdraw the `Manya Seema’ demand which he voiced at a time when the agitation for Telangana State was at its peak. The students demanded that the professor support separate Telangana and raise the slogan of `Jai Telangana.’ Taken aback, Ilaiah reportedly chanted `Jai Samajika Telangana’ but that too did not go down well with the students who said that the same slogan was taken up by Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) but was later dumped by the party. Ilaiah then reportedly raised the slogan of `Jai BC Telangana’ too which did not pacify the students and they forced the professor to raise `Jai Telangana’ slogan in the end.

The professor, however, insisted that a at least separate district be created for tribals if separate Telangana is carved out, to which the students agreed.

``We don’t mind Ilaiah leading the ongoing Telangana movement. But we are against the Manya Seema or any other slogan,’’ OU Students Joint Action Committee (JAC) leader Manavatha Ray said.

The students left the place after painting the walls of the entire apartment with slogans of `Jai Telangana’ and `Manya Seema vaddura (We don’t want Manya Seema).



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