Who will give justice to Shabnam

By Sanjay Sharma | TNN

Chandigarh: On Sunday,Shabnam stunned a huge gathering of NGOs, legal luminaries and intellectuals,here,who had assembled to formulate a strategy against honour killings and honour crime.

Her repeated queries as to where she should go now,after being deserted by husband,family and hounded by the UP police,struck a chord with the gathering there.The legal luminaries present,suggested that the group should write a letter to the Chief Justice of India to apprise him of her plight.

Holding back her tears and trembling with fear,Shabnam asked,Have I done anything wrong by loving a man outside my caste and marrying him.

Narrating her plight,Shabnam said,Instead of being sympathetically supported by my family and the state,I was framed in a theft case by Lucknow police and even detained,apparently,at the behest of my husband,who refuses to recognize our marriage.

The harassed woman said,My husband asked me not to reveal the fact of our marriage before anybody as he had four unmarried sisters.I obeyed him meekly,but when the matter came to light,he refused to accept our marital status.

Shabnam said,I am a Syed,while my husband belongs to a lower caste.When the two communities came to know about our marriage they opposed and forced my husband to retract from the marriage. She said the documents of her marriage were with her husband.

She said after being abandoned by her husband she had gone back to her house in Saharanpur,but her parents turned her out for the honour of caste.

She said,later,the Lucknow police picked her up from Saharanpur and took her to Lucknow where they tried to implicate her in a theft case.I kept denying and cried for help,but nobody paid heed to my plight, she lamented,adding,I ran away from the police station and reached Lucknow railway station and boarded a train to Dehradun,thinking it would go to my place, the woman added.

I hid in the bathroom as I did not have money to buy a ticket.When I was unable to control my hunger I came out and asked a chana vendor to give me something to eat.Seeing my condition,the vendor gave me a plate of gram in Rs 3,which was lying with me.

The woman,who cursed herself several times for being a woman,said the case was framed against her when she decided to fight her husbands treachery.
Before slipping from there too,fearing that the Lucknow police would arrest her even in Chandigarh,she said,Police asked for money to take an action against him.I approached NGOs,they too demanded money.I dont have a penny. Putting forward a vital question,Where should I go now and how to fight my case against injustice, she disappeared in the crowd.


  1. It can only happen with the ignorant people who lives mainly in UP n Bihar, and u people are making it general that it happens everywhere.


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