Online Petition: Seeking separate Quota for Muslim women in Current WRB

AMP had spawned because of the need to strive for Muslim empowerment, and true empowerment cannot take place, without political representation. You might be aware of the UPA government passing the Women's Reservation Bill, recently. You might also be aware that this Bill proposes to reserve 33% of the Parliament seats, for the women. What you might not be aware of, is the fact that if this Bill were to be made into a law, it will further diminish the already low representation of the Muslims in the Parliament.

AMP has created a petition, with an aim to collect at least 5000 online signatures. AMP will also be collecting 10,000 real-time signatures. This petition will be sent to the President of India, the Prime Minister of India and CC to Smt. Sonia Gandhi including all state’s chief ministers and MPs, to urge them to not pass the Bill in its current form, and make appropriate amendments, enabling separate Quota for Muslim women including other OBCs.

AMP exhorts you to take part in this noble initiative, by signing the petition, and also by forwarding it to your contacts, who might be concerned about the welfare of the Muslims, and other Minorities. Please remember that every signature counts, and make your's count!

You can sign this petition by clicking the below URL:

You can also read AMP’s initiative on

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