Our history is silent on religious conversions in the period of Mughal

By Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadvi
“Mughal government was totally failed in the issues of religious conversions. Any of the historians didn't write that Mughal rulers relied on religious conversions for the government”.
These ideas shared and expressed by Mr. Harbans Mukhiya, renowned historian and former professor of Jawaharlal University, during his speech in Raza library. Giving the light on the causes of spreading of Islam in India, he said that our history is totally silent on the issues of religious conversions during eight hundred years history of Muslims rulers and those who claim that Mughal rulers destroyed three thousand or sixty thousand Temples, are totally wrong.

Professor Mukhiya, in the light of his longest research on this subject, said that only eighty Temples had been destroyed during eight hundred years, and there was not only one reason. As a historian I would like to say that the allusion of temple was not found in Ayoudhya before 19th century. He said that so many reasons played its role in spreading of Islam; however, there is no complete book on this subject. Muslims were 15% in the period of Mughal and Delhi Darbar, while the number of Muslims increased in British government. He said that Mughal government ruled on Bihar, UP, Delhi and Eastern Punjab till long time, despite it the number of Muslims in these areas not exceeded more than 18%.

Professor Mukhiya says that Islam advanced here very gradually and different kind of reasons were behind it. Broad-mindedness, concord and peace and brotherhood are the fundamental adjectives of Islam which affected the societies here. Teaching of Sufism was also main reasons of it.

Mr. Sayyed Shahid Mehdi in his presidential speech agreed with the ideas of Professor Mukhya that so many reasons were behind of advancement of Islam in India. He said that only a good scholar justifies with this subject because of various views and aspects.

Professor Shah Abdul Salalm said that, Islamic teachings eliminated bigotry from the societies of here. Brotherhood and good manner are the Islamic teachings which changed the society of here. (Translated from Urdu)

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