Social Justice

By Ashish Kumar

Feeling good about the passing of twenty years of VP Singh’s announcement to Implement Mandal commission report. 07th August 1990 to 07th August 2010, a long journey of twenty years. I still have the live images in my mind of the 07th August 1990, when at my Rajvanshinagar residence, a number of OBC unemployed, struggling to get settled youths jumped with joy with a loud voice of happiness after this announcement. The voice of the joy was so loud that people of nearby flats came out to see what happened. They had strange and perplexed faces that what had happened. It was the voice of hope. They had lots of hope from the announcement. It was the voice coming directly from heart after a long fight against social partiality. Now they had hope that they can get a job, earlier it was a total struggle, an endless struggle.

I saw, rather felt, the after effects of implementation of Mandal commission report. In my long list of friends, numbers were equally from OBC as well as from General Category as well, I could feel the a wave in both the groups. The OBC students were filled with a great confidence and they worked harder and harder seeing reserved seats for them and they did really well. After twenty years, I can feel the difference between two generations, mine and one generation above of Mama and Chacha. One generation back, I was used to listen that all the friends of my uncles, who belonged to upper caste, got some job, but My Mama, Chacha had to suffer a lot. You work hard when you see a chance to achieve success, else you end up with frustration and demotivated. But I can say it with proud, during my time, all of my OBC friends not only got a job, but at very early stage of their life. All kudos to Mandal Commission, which gave them a confidence that against all odds, they still have some seats reserved for them. Simultaneously there were strange effects on General category students. Instead of taking it in sportingly they took it very negatively and resulted in frustrations and unusual uncertainty demotivation. With passing of time, this became shamelessly arrogant. The caste based comments were so frequent. It was more painful than any racist comments. We had nothing to say but simple smile. And all these gave more confidence and zeal to work hard and harder. I observed it with very closely.

Even in my village, I saw students from OBC/SC/ST communities studying in groups and regular results were there. I, at number of places, encouraged people for group study as people had started listening to me after my early success. Whenever I used to go to my native place, Kalyanpur, students from all communities used to come to me and seek guidance. I saw eagerness to achieve something in their eyes. Sons of labourer, cobblers, daily wagers, even from all the segment of the poorest of the poor society had books in their hands, with the hopes of success arisen after the Mandal Commission. I saw this social transition from my eyes in last twenty years. Had Mandal Commission report implemented at the time of Independence, they would have been the sons of respectable family with their parents working with esteem.

But the big question is whether we have achieved the desired goal or we need to go some more miles. We have to do a lot for betterment and upliftment of socially deprived and depressed classes mostly OBCs. First of all we need an effective leadership, with a proper strategy, plans and vision. We have the power of numbers in democracy, but still we are most used and deprived class. We need a selfless and strong leadership like Shri V. P. Singh and Shri Mandal not Chutbhaiye type of leadership from Sadhu and Subhash.

We need to quantify our power; we must be represented into proper number. It is just like using the numbers in accordance of the convenience. We must fight first for caste based census this time at any cost and let the world as well as ourselves know our strength.

Basically we are scattered due to caste based politics. We don’t have any united representation even in Bihar, forget about at national level. We are basically victim of divide and rule as done by English emperor during their tenor. You see, during the 1990, at the time of implementation of Mandal commission report, all the top so called socialist leaders were united. Suddenly with implementation, the then Janta Dal along with third front were divided. Nitish Kumar was projected as future Chief Minister by Media during the year 92-95. He was promoted very strongly as the leader of some particular backwards caste by media dominated by Brahmins. It happened across India almost in all the states. Our unity was divided very silently and aggressively by upper caste people and as a result number of recommendations from Mandal Commission was never implemented.

The implementation in educational institutions was strongly opposed by media and judiciary mostly dominated by upper caste. Where were we at that time????? Only doing all the small dharna with Bleating sound, when whole world was watching the strong resistance from upper castes. Why we could not made our voice more strong and loud. The only answer is the scattered voice and leadership as well. We are not able to generate faith in other backward castes and their leaders. These all leads to a Bleating sound in favour of reservation. I accept we have certain inherent weakness, like we don’t have any support from big business houses, we don’t have support from Media (which is dominated purely by Brahmins) and so our voice does not vibrate in air. But when all will shout, world will have to listen us and no one will dare to ignore our voice. So our second agenda should be “Let us unite” after caste based census.

There were never an effective demand from the masses in favour of reservation; rather it was gifted by an upper caste social justice leader Shri V P Singh, a selfless leader. We had never a forceful voice what the opposition had. Let us bring the voice from a common man like you and me. Can we have a Cadre in line with left parties or Sakha in line with Right wing? Let each individual tell each other what we want, let people understand it that what we are fighting for. It should be our third agenda.

Let us have a common slogan to fight for social justice. We can request it from the masses. We will facilitate whose slogan is selected. It should be our fourth agenda. We must encourage our people.

Desh Hamara hai. Jai Bihar, jai Bharat. Jago OBC jaago. OBC ke bina desh aage nahi badh sakata hai. OBC ke bina sansad adhura hai.

Then only we will win.


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